Blush Makeup – How should I apply duo tones?

Apply Duo Tone Blush Colour
Featuring Sukki Singapora. Hair/Makeup Andrea Claire using colours from Dr.TWL Custom Face Palette. Cosmeceuticals Blush in C2. Photo by Sabrina Sikora.

Blend both shades of blush together or layer one shade on top of the other for the most natural, flushed cheeks, perfect for enlivening dull skin. Unlike powder blush, which may appear streaky or powdery, cream blush gives you that dewy, lit-from-within glow. Check out our Cosmeceutical Feel Good Blush which contains a unique cream formula. This is formulated by our dermatologist, together with potent botanical antioxidants, to help nourish and rejuvenate tired skin.

Use it dry on our cream blush formula to see it turn into an airbrushed powder! The perfect combination of our Blender integrated with microfibrillar technology and our highly pigmented Cosmeceutical Blush, guarantees a gorgeous colour pay off. As a result of the microfibrillar technology, we have full pigment pickup without product wastage and also an airbrushed selfie ready finish. A little goes a long way.

Two Ways to Use Duo Toned Blush

  1. Dip the slanted edge of Dr.TWL’s Cosmeceutical Blender into the cream blush. Blend the two shades together on the back of your hand. To achieve natural, flushed cheeks, dab the blender up the cheekbones starting from the apple of the cheek, to structure your face. The creamy formula is buildable for the perfect, healthy, even glow. 
  2. Alternatively, apply the lighter colour on the apples of your cheek using the round base of the sponge. Concentrate the darker colour at the center of the apples of your cheeks using the slanted edge of the sponge for precision. Using the round base of the sponge, blend to perfection!

How about colour correctors?

Makeup filters neutralize and brighten your skin. 

A green colour corrector is your best bet to calm redness (no matter what your skin tone).

Even out discolourations, hyperpigmentation or melasma with a pink/peach/orange colour corrector.

Neutralise yellow tones on your forehead and jawline with a violet formula.

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