Dr.TWL Mask Peel

100% Botanical Mask Peels With Proprietary Preservative-Free Extraction Method

“Traditional chemical peels based on AHAs like glycolic acid and BHAs, salicylic acid are limited in its use due to risk of skin irritation, and sun sensitivity side effects. Moreover, gentle home use formulations tend to contain lower levels which are not as effective as a clinical grade chemical peel.

This series of mask peels are produced without any chemical additives or preservatives, made possible by a stable powder formulation, activated by water alone. Chemical peel acids are replaced with skin renewing polysaccharides and sponge spicules- designed to deliver a superior home mask peel experience with equivalent benefits to an office peel,” Dermatologist & Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Teo Wan Lin 

@drtwlderma Are you ready to customise your mask peel? Our Pure and Natural Water Peel series represents the best in eastern ethnobotanical research--WhatsApp our pharmacy at 97286734 for guidance or visit www.drtwlderma.com #maskpeeloff #maskpeel #facemask #skincare ♬ Healing Water - The Meditation - Red Blue Studio