Magnetic Eyelash Extensions – 3 Best Tips

Magnetic Eyelash Extensions for Sensitive Skin

This article refers to tips in using magnetic lash products – Lash Brilliance Eyelash Extensions, available from Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals. The Lash Brilliance Eyelash Extension is developed in collaboration with material scientists to be free of allergens (e.g. glues). This is to cater the eyelash extensions to sensitive skin individuals, with 3 exclusive designs namely, Date Night, Natural & Supermodel. More details are available at the Cosmeceutical Makeup store page.

Take special care when handling the bottom lashes as they are easy to lose, as with anything small. When you need to apply your lashes near a sink, you may put a light coloured towel on the sink. This is to prevent the eyelash extensions from falling into the sinkhole. It is best to apply them sitting at a desk using a magnifying mirror. Keep scrolling down for more instructions!

Curl Magnetic Eyelash Extensions for sensitive skin
Curl your eyelashes before applying magnetic eyelash extensions for more dramatic effect

Before Applying Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

  1. To avoid droopy eyelashes, before application of the magnetic lashes, curl your natural lashes and apply mascara to them. This gives your lashes some texture for the magnets to grip onto. However, do not apply mascara to the eyelash extensions as it will reduce their lifespan. For a more dramatic effect to your eyelash extensions, give your natural lashes a good curl beforehand.
  2. Be sure to keep your hands and fingers clean before handling lashes. It is particularly important to ensure that they are not greasy. Greasy hands and fingers reduce grip when handling the lashes, thereby increasing the possibility of the eyelashes slipping and falling. It is easy to lose eyelash extensions in the process of application as result.
  3. Before application of the lashes, bend the top lash band such that it follows the natural curve of your eyes. You can bend it as much as you need until you get a satisfactory curve. However, do not make too much of a dramatic curve. This is because that will make the lashes stick up in the middle.

How to Apply Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

  1. Place the top eyelash on top of your natural pre-curled lashes and hold its outer edge as close as possible to the outer corner of your natural lash line.
  2. Using your other hand, bring the bottom lash strip underneath your natural eye lash such that it aligns with the outer edge of the top strip. Their magnets will instantly fasten together, hence securing your natural lashes between the two strips
  3. Then bring another bottom lash strip such that it connects to the inner edge of the long lash strip. Ensure both corners are secure.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other eye.

Causes of discomfort

If there is a discomfort while wearing the lashes, it could be due to one or all of the below reasons:

Long lash band and protruding lash hair

In some cases, the lash band may be too long or the hairs of the eyelash may be poking into your eyes, causing irritation. Hence, trim out any protruding band length on the two sides and any hairs that may have been bent and poking your eyes. If the eyes still experience irritation, do trim the inner corner up to where the magnets start. Take note not to cut off the magnets whilst trimming. Similarly, trim the bottom pieces if they are irritating your eyes as well.

Eyelids stuck between lash magnets

Occasionally, your eyelids may stick in between the eyelash magnets. Not to worry though, as you may rectify the situation by gently pulling up your eyelids with your fingers, while holding the magnets down to release the eyelids from the magnets

Key Tips to Apply Magnetic Eyelash Extensions

  1. Firmly hold the top lash as close to the lash line as possible with one hand while bringing the bottom magnet strip up with the other hand so that they magnetize close to the lash line. You can start by keeping the bottom pieces low to prevent magnetization before you are ready. Slowly bring the bottom pieces “inwards” close to your eyeball. When it is the closest to your eyeball, you may start bringing it up towards your lash line till it magnetizes with the top magnet.
  2. Align your top eyelash extension at one corner of the eye with your lash line properly, before magnetizing the second bottom lash strip. Avoid any gaps and also ensure no eyelashes sticking up.
  3. Press and hold the top lash firmly in position with one hand. Use the other hand to bring the second bottom lash strip to the second corner until they magnetize. Ensure that one corner of the eyelash is not pushed towards the middle as this will result in a gap in the middle of the lashes.


Lather with Honey cleanser


[Biomimetic PBT fibre] Resistant to wear

[Synthetic] Cruelty-free

[Natural] Fine hair diameter

Box size- 7.9cmx5cm

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