Skin Tone & Blush – What colours should I choose?

Blush Skin Tone Cheeks


Looking for the perfect blush colour to match your natural skin tone? Check out our blush colour tips for various skin types below. Also, head on to our Blush Lab to get your most suited blush colour to match your skin tone, by clicking here. What’s more, the Feel Good Cosmeceutical Blush also contains potent botanical extracts and antioxidants, scientifically proven to rejuvenate your skin, and formulated by our dermatologist.

Blush colour for different skin tone types

Peach: The most universally flattering, can’t-go-wrong blush shade. 

Blush Colors for your Skin

Fair Skin:
Choose a pale pink or peach-colored blush for a bright, fresh look.
Pale Pink
Soft pink shades complements fair skin perfectly, creating the most natural “no-makeup” makeup look with flushed cheeks.
Sheer Plum
Try a sheer plum for a more dramatic evening look.  Plum shades, with purple or blue undertones work well for those with fair skin.
Medium Skin:
As a rule of thumb for medium skin tones, stay away from blushes that are lighter than your face. 
Apricot with a hint of orange is flattering and subtle.
A muted mauve that is rich and renders depth to medium skin.
Olive Skin:
Reach for blushes with a warm undertone.
Orangey Peach 
A warm peach shade will make olive skin glow. It helps balance out olive tones by adding warmth to your skin tone. 
Rose is the perfect everyday shade of pink for olive complexions. A deeper rose is the best blush for those with olive skin.
Dark Skin:
Bold is always best when it comes to blush for deep skin. Stick with warmer tones and don’t be afraid to use bold and highly pigmented colours.
Go for a rich brick shade if you have dark skin. Deep terra-cotta looks gorgeous on your complexion. They might look super pigmented in the pan, but don’t be scared.
Bright Tangerine 
For those with dark skin, it’s the best way to get a true flush that is subtle yet beautiful.
Cosmeceutical Feel Good Blush for different skin tone
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