Cosmeceutical Blender™ – Smart Beauty Blender Alternative SofSculptor™ Airbrush Finish


All Skin Types

Contouring, Bronzing, Blush

Recommended for use with Dream Concealer™ and CellTalk™ Cosmeceutical CC Cream 

[Features] Ergonomically designed angled sides for illuminating highlights, contours of the cheekbones. Rounded sides for flawless blending.

[Material] Anti-microbial microfibrillar fibres synthesised from hydrophilic polyurethane.

$48.15 (w/gst)


Microfibrillar Technology

Dermatologist Approved

[Antimicrobial] Acne-Prone Skin

[Ultra-fine Fibres] Sensitive Skin, Anti-aging

[Hypoallergenic] Allergy, Latex free

Read more about the benefits here.

Smart Beauty Blender: An Anti-Aging Skincare Makeup Applicator


Contouring, Bronzing, Blush

[Use dry] Dip small amount (you only need half the usual amount for a natural, translucent finish) to apply, build layers if required by tapping, then pat gently  to allow for natural flawless finish.


We recommend storing the blender in the hygienic blender case in an area that is well ventilated. In summer or tropical climates, we do not recommend using the blender wet or storage in the eggshell provided as the high humidity can promote the growth of mold. The beauty blender is engineered to be used dry with a smooth airbrushed finish.