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Top 3 Best Hair Brush for Frizzy Hair in Singapore

A Complete Guide to Taming Frizzy Hair in Singapore with the Best Hair Brush DR.TWL™ SILK BRUSH For 360 Intensive Cuticle Repair The Best Anti-Static, Anti-Frizz, Straightening Hair Brush A well designed hair brush is a must have in your haircare routine. How do you go about choosing the best hair brush for your needs? Look no […]

Top 3 Dermatologist Recommended Drugstore Skincare for Acne

Drugstore skincare is often recommended by dermatologist. It is associated with simple “clean” formulas, which in dermatologist speech, means minimal or no irritation risks. Sans fancy ingredients like antioxidants, alpha hydroxy and salicylic acids. In the last few years, cosmeceutical skincare has advanced greatly in its relevance to dermatologists. We discover how non-prescription active ingredients […]