#drtwlblender vs Other Beauty Blenders

Beauty blenders are sponges that come in an egg-like shape that is like no other when it comes to blending makeup and getting rid of the makeup streaks that brushes give. These tools are being used by different people to achieve a flawless application of makeup. But one thing in common is that most often, the beauty blenders tend to pick up quite a generous amount of product before you can achieve an even and flawless coverage. But have you ever tried using a beauty blender that picks up less product but gives you a seamless finish?
The Dr. TWL Blender is the first product launched in our biomaterials series, shaped like the popular beauty blenders but with a novel surface modification to revolutionise makeup application.

It has an all-in-one ideal foundation tool with the following properties:

1. Makeup sponge/blender + airbrushed finish

2. Versatile and works with both liquid/powder foundations

3. Antibacterial synthetic weave prevents growth of bacteria on makeup sponge

As seen on the image above, with other beauty blenders the pigments stick to the surface of the sponge only whereas with the Dr. TWL Blender because of its microfibrillar technology, the pigments get pushed inside the sponge with even distribution so that you can work with less amount of product.

As seen on the image above, one user of the Dr. TWL Blender tried to compare it with another brand and this is her feedback about it

I’ve compared your blender and other brand. I noticed that your blender will blend more product onto the skin (more coverage) and it slightly mattify the foundation compared to the other blender. Blur pores better. Its slightly more firm.

If you will look at it closely, the left side (using our blender) gives a very flawless and airbrushed like finish. The pores are almost invisible compared to the right side (other brand) in which the pores are more visible and the finish is more dewy than ours which is slightly matte.

Our blender truly seeks to aim even, full coverage makeup application with less product because less makeup product is always better for healthy skin. Thick makeup application can buildup thick makeup oil and this can breed bacteria and grime which sooner or later are the culprits for skin breakouts.

Below is a table comparison of our blender compared to others: