Looking for a push up bra that moisturises your skin? The QRASER Invisible bra traps water under your skin to keep your décolletage area well hydrated.

[Biomimetic Skin Barrier]
[Minimises Trans-Epidermal Water Loss]
[Zero Irritation] 100% Freedom of Movement
[Anti-Wrinkle/Skin Tightening] Advanced Polymer Coating


Material Scientist Engineered
Advanced Polymer Technology Used for Medical Gels
Dermatologist Approved

This bra insert is designed for direct application on skin, which means you can use it with any size bra! Unlike traditional bra inserts, it is made of a durable, biomimetic skin-friendly polymer which means it can be reused multiple times and worn directly on skin. 


Safety Engineered for 100% Medical Biocompatibility
No Painful Underwires, Protects from Chaffing and Marks


Simply position the cup and stick onto your skin and wear a fitting bra over for an immediate lift of up to 2 cup sizes! 

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step on how to properly put on your bra for the best lifting effect!

Step 1: Position the cups in front of the mirror so you can see what you’re doing. Flip the cup outward, and hold the cup by the edge.

How to position the bra cups for a fuller/lifting look?
Instead of placing the bra cups horizontally like how you would with a normal bra, position the bra cups of the bra vertically one at a time.This will give you a more lifting look. If you want your breasts to be brought together for a fuller look, position the bra cups further away from each other. The further you apply the inserts from each other, the better the lifting effect of the invisible bra insert.

Step 2: With the flipped out cup in hand and the position of the bra cups in sight, start sticking the bra cups from the bottom part of your breasts upward before sticking the top part. Smooth the cups onto your breast to ensure all edges are stuck onto your breast. If you need to readjust the positioning of the bra cups or if there are gaps between the cups and your breasts, don’t be afraid to peel the bra off and try again!


Should you wash your bra?
The stickiness of the hypoallergenic medical grade adhesives of the bra cups will cause flakes of your skin or even hair to be stuck to it. This is why it is very important to wash the bra cups after each wear. As the bra is designed to last multiple wears, it is highly advisable to wash your bra cups!

How to wash the bra?
Wash your adhesive bra with tap water and mild soap after each use. It is advisable not to use alcohol, bleach or other cleaning solutions. Hold the cups under a running tap and use the palm of your hand to clean the cups in a circular motion. Do not machine wash or soak in water . Shake off excess water and air dry by leaving the adhesive facing up.

Do not use your fingernails or a brush to scratch over the surface as this will permanently damage the adhesive of the bra cups. Air dry only. Once it is air dried, cover the bra with a lid to prevent any dust or fibres in the air from settling onto the bra cup and affecting its effectiveness.

What can affect my bra?
Moisture from creams, lotions and oils on your body will repel the adhesiveness of the stick on bra, and affect the effectiveness of the adhesives of your stick on bra. Furthermore, the accumulated moisture on the cups will affect the stickiness of the cups unless you properly get rid of it. If you forgot you had cream on, and apply the cups, rinse the adhesive immediately and let the cups air dry.

Fibres from wool garments may stick to the side of cups and affect the adhesiveness of the cups. However, unlike the moisture from lotions and oils, these fibres are harder to remove. Dust is the other culprit that can affect the adhesive on the cups. Tiny dust particles are hard to wash off, hence always cover the adhesive with plastic covers once you wash the bra. If you are in the habit of leaving your bra lying around, uncovered after washing, it is highly likely that your bra will not last long. If you’ve lost the covers, use a bit of cling film to cover the cups.