Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals

Your Skin. Your Truth.

Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals is a cosmeceutical and biofunctional textile research company. The company comprises of 3 subsidiary divisions, namely the Dr.TWL Custom Lip Lab – a custom makeup lab, Dr.TWL Pharmacy – a skincare e-pharmacy concept, as well as Dr.TWL Biomaterials – a materials engineering arm.

Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals was founded in 2016, as a specialist cosmeceutical skincare line, by brother-and-sister duo Mr Justin Teo, a pharmaceutical engineer, and his sister Dr Teo Wan Lin, an accredited dermatologist at TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre in Singapore. In a society deluged by a myriad of skincare products driven by the cosmetic and beauty industry, the brother and sister duo combined their professional expertise, and work directly with a top chemist to develop dermatologist-tested and formulated skincare for sensitive skin, with evidence-based active ingredients for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.

As the premier Singapore developed, dermatologist-formulated cosmeceutical skincare line, it has received notable features in the Elle Beauty Book, T Magazine by the New York Times, CLEO, Her World, Lucy’s Magazine, Beauty Archive, Ellements Magazine and Business Insider, to name a few. The cosmeceutical line is also endorsed by international celebrity makeup artists Andrea Claire and Alex T who bring the skincare behind the scenes of international fashion and beauty editorials.

In an oversaturated beauty and aesthetic industry, it distinguishes itself by its dermatologist-backed skin formulations with manufacturing standards compliant to pharmaceutical standards as opposed to mass market doctor brand products. The skincare line is committed to using only the purest bioactive ingredients and is developed using state-of-the-art technologies in a certified biotechnology laboratory, with production processes conforming to manufacturing standards certified by the Euro ISO 22716.

Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals is birthed out of a vision to fulfil a need for dermatologist-grade cosmeceuticals, with an emphasis on product tolerability and efficacy.

Powers of Botanicals and Science
The powers of bioactive natural ingredients, backed by scientific studies, are harnessed and through advanced biotechnology, are incorporated into Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals’ products.

Bioactive Ingredients and Stringent Quality Control
Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals uses only the purest natural ingredients sourced from its native origins, which are then extracted and produced using state-of-the-art technologies in a certified biotechnology laboratory, conforming to manufacturing standards certified by the Euro ISO 22716.

Committed to Quality Cosmeceuticals
Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals is committed to a strong focus in Quality Audits against industry standards (eg Good Manufacturing Practices) for the cosmeceutical line, with an emphasis on dermatologist-tested, evidence-based active ingredients.

Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals is a cosmeceutical range that combines the expertise of a dermatologist together with a pharmaceutical engineer and is produced in a research laboratory, with manufacturing standards certified by the Euro ISO 22716, a standard that complies with the European regulation for cosmetics for the European market.

Customised Prescriptive Skincare.

by Dr.TWL Pharmacy

Dr.TWL Pharmacy launched January 2020 as the first dermatologist led, one-stop specialised skincare pharmacy concept in Singapore. An extension of a specialist dermatologist practice, TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre, by Dr.Teo Wan Lin, the full fledged skincare pharmacy emphasises dermatologist-recommended cosmeceutical active ingredients for various skin conditions. Dermatologist-developed treatments are made accessible to the public via the Custom Mask Bar System, a complete Home-Based Aesthetics Treatment System developed by the Dr.TWL Team. Find out more here.

Dr.TWL Pharmacy is fully integrated with an accredited Teledermatology Service where you can consult Dr. Teo Wan Lin, an accredited dermatologist for skin concerns in the comfort of your home. The the final prescription fulfilled by courier right to your doorstep.

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