3 Best Face Serums for Anti-Aging, Brightening & Oil Control

Wonder why our serums are so addictive? That’s because it works! The Elixir-V serum is formulated as a gold standard anti aging serum for universal skin types. In this tutorial, Dr.TWL goes through the core ingredients and their function.

Best At Home Face Peel Kit: Dermatologist Recommended

The only at home face peel kit you need for professional results, without the fuss of visiting a doctor’s office. This dermatologist formulated face peel kit is the solution to your skin woes.

Vitamin C: Dermatologist-Recommended Brightening Skincare

The best vitamin C serum recommended by dermatologists is one that is formulated based on certain criteria. At our pharmacy, we have put together a brightening skincare set that includes our bestseller Vita C GOLD serum plus a new product..

Vitamin C for Skin: Is L-Ascorbic Acid the Gold Standard?

In this podcast episode - ALL ABOUT SERUMS on Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty, accredited Singapore dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin explains why her essential serums include Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. Part 1 of this feature…

Singapore Model Search Tips on Choosing a Photographer: Behind the Scenes with Summer SH

Choosing a photographer for a photoshoot can be a challenging task, as the quality of the photographs can have a significant impact on the success of the shoot. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a photographer.

Singapore Model Search Photoshoot Tips: Behind the Scenes with Ava Cheong

Being a model requires hard work, dedication, and a unique combination of physical attributes, personality, and skills. Here are some tips on your photoshoot and how to become a successful model: Build your portfolio Start by building…

Pure Natural Water Peels & Gels: K-beauty Secret to Glowing Skin

Asian Beauty R(evolution) Thank you for joining me on another podcast episode of Asian Beauty Secrets. Today, we will discuss Asian beauty’s most important contribution to the world of skincare and I wager… dermatology — the art of…

Sunscreen Pilling: 3 Tips for Prevention

Why does sunscreen pilling happen to me? Hint: It’s not the weather. Why does my sunscreen pill? In this week’s podcast episode of Hot & Sweaty Beauty, we cover the bane of every Singapore girl’s existence — hot it must be,…

Best Hair Elastics for Thick & Thin Hair

Hair elastics, which we also know as hair ties or hair bands, are a common accessory in use to secure hair in a variety of styles. When choosing the best hair elastics for your hair type and desired hairstyle, there are several key characteristics…

3 Best Photo Studio Singapore: Tips for Makeover Magic

@phygiartbeauty •The Best Makeover Studio in Singapore With Skincare Makeup Gifts• Celebrate beauty with us! Bonus 18 Jan Slot comes with $100 mystery skincare gift. Book your makeover today at Featuring Ava and Sue…