Hair Growth Serum for Hair Loss: Comprehensive Tips

Struggling with hair loss? We share some hair loss tips from our founder board certified dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin, also our chief scientific officer. Read to the end to discover 3 of our best hair growth serum and hair regrowth products from the pharmacy. Discover the best hair loss products in our beauty pharmacy. 

Hair Loss Product 1:  Copper Peptide Hair Growth Serum for Hair Loss

Copper Peptide Hair Growth Serum
The best selling hair loss serum in our pharmacy is the copper peptide hair growth serum. It uses copper tripeptide as the key active ingredient with other antioxidants to normalise the scalp microbiome. This hair growth serum for hair loss works best when used with Deep Cleanse Shampoo. Especially effective for those with oily scalp and dandruff causing increased hair fall and scalp discomfort.

What is the science behind hair loss

Hair loss may define as any abnormal increase in shedding – beyond what is normal for each individual. While dermatology textbooks always define normal hair loss as within 100 strands daily – this is not the golden rule in real life. Different ethnicities have different densities of hair strands on the scalp. For example, Chinese tend to have less dense hair, with each strand being coarser and straighter than those of Indian ethnicity. For Chinese women, losing 100 strands may end up causing hair thinning, which is not the case with Indian women. 

How to know if I am losing hair?

The best and easiest way is to look for bald areas. While distinct areas of bald spots must always undergo investigation by a dermatologist, overall hair thinning can be part of old age and pattern hair loss. Medical conditions like alopecia areata associate with rapid hair loss progression. Alopecia areata must be diagnosed promptly and treated with injected or oral steroids by a dermatologist. There are serious consequences such as complete baldness, known as alopecia totalis or universalis. This is one type of hair loss that can progress quickly in as little as weeks or months. Hair loss caused by alopecia areata is extremely urgent in terms of medical care. Hair takes several months to regrow, if at all. The best method of treating alopecia areata is early diagnosis and treatment of small bald spots to prevent worsening of hair loss. 

Hair Loss Product 2: Lipigro Hair Growth Serum for Hair Loss

LipiGro Hair Seru
The Lipigro serum from our phytolipids series harnesses the power of plant antioxidants to increase the growth phase of hair, the Anagen cycle. The ideal hair growth serum for hair loss can also strengthen the hair shaft, for hair strands that are thicker and stronger. 

Other Types of Hair Loss

Apart from alopecia areata, some commoner and less urgent hair loss types are:

1. Hair loss related to biological aging

Biological aging is part of chronological aging. However, those of the same chronological age may have different biological age. Your biological age determines how well your body organs can fight environmental stress, this includes hair loss. It is regarded as normal to have slightly thinner hair as you grow older. This does not appear in any specific pattern and usually not dramatic.

2. Hair loss can occur from biological stressors

An example of biological stressors could be changes in immune function due to psychological stress. This can also occur as part of telogen effluvium. Postparturm hair loss is an example. Hair loss after a major illness, or COVID-19 is also likely related to telogen effluvium. However, for COVID-19, there are likely other unknown immunological factors at work. Dermatologists and scientists have not fully researched this as of now.

3. Hair loss due to hormonal influences

Hormonal hair loss is also what we know as male and female pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is due to the hair receptors being sensitive to the male hormone testosterone. Hormonal hair loss occurs in both men and women. In women, this is not a sign of hormonal imbalance. Rather, the hair receptors are particularly sensitive to circulating testosterone. Testosterone is normally present in both men and women. The most important cause of hair loss in this case is genetic. Do your male relatives have hair loss? The type of hair loss is also classical. For men, there is an M-shaped frontal hairline, commonly referred to as frontal recession. For women, there is predominant vertex thinning-hair thinning at the top of the scalp.

In the case of receding hairlines, beware, as there is a serious hair loss condition which one may mistake for androgenetic alopecia. This condition is what we know as frontal fibrosing alopecia. This is an immune-mediated disease causing permanent hair loss. Hair loss that leaves a permanent scar, where the hair follicles cannot grow back. Such hair loss is also what we know as scarring alopecia. Visit an accredited dermatologist if you suspect you have scarring alopecia. 

How does hair regrow?

Hair grows in cycles. The major growth phase is what we refer to as anagen. When the cycle transits, it goes through a catagen phase, before hair falls out in the final telogen phase. The telogen phase is also what we know as the resting phase. Essentially, effective hair growth serums can lengthen the growth phase, known as anagen phase. The problem with some scalp conditions like dandruff is that it can accelerate the hair cycle. Accelerated hair cycles mean that more hair transits to the telogen phase. When excess hair is in telogen, rather than anagen, there is a higher rate of hair shedding.

Hair Loss Product 3: Sandalore Comb for Hair Growth 

Sandalore Comb
Infused with Sandalore, this bamboo wooden brush is part of our fine wood combs series which has plant oils infused for effectiveness. Sandalore was identified as a synthetic fragrance that stimulates the olfactory (smell) receptors of the scalp. This was proven in a study to cause hair regrowth.

In order for hair to regrow successfully, we must first identify the underlying cause of hair loss. If it is due to a medical condition such as scarring hair loss, excess shedding due to dandruff, medical treatment is required. However, for biological aging and hormonal hair loss, hair regrowth therapies help. Not too long ago, HSA guidelines prohibited marketing any product as promoting hair regrowth, as such claims were deemed unscientific. Hence, before making claims such as hair regrowth or hair loss treatment, there must be sufficient scientific evidence.  In the last decade, significant research has been performed on alternative hair regrowth treatments that are not considered prescription medications. An example is our understanding of how the hair follicle microenvironment best resembles that in wound healing – in the sense that specific chemicals can trigger off signals that promote hair regrowth. Copper peptide hair serum is one example.

Additionally, plant extracts such as safflower have in small studies shown promise as hair regrowth treatments. Traditionally dermatologists have prescribed topical minoxidil, a medication originally used for high blood pressure treatment. Minoxidil has a side effect of inducing hair growth. However, this treatment carries risks of scalp irritation. For example, dandruff and flaking can occur with use of minoxidil. In addition, a study published in the prestigious Nature Journal found that the scalp has olfactory receptors, these are smell receptors on the scalp that respond to certain scents. In particular, the synthetic copy of sandalwood, known as Sandalore, was found to stimulate hair regrowth. 

Hair Loss Product 4: Hair Thickening Mask

Hair Thickening Mask
The ideal hair mask for thickening each strand of hair. Fortified with various proteins, this hair mask coats each individual strand of hair. For hair that is thick and strong. 

How can hair growth be faster?

The rate of hair growth is quite standard. However, if you have healthy scalp, you should not suffer from decreased hair growth. There is no real study that proves that one’s hair can grow longer, faster or slower. The premise is this, if you have a problem that causes you to lose hair. This can give the impression that you are growing hair slowly when in fact you are losing hair.

Can we reverse hair loss

For non-scarring hair loss, such as alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, male and female pattern hair loss, the follicles are alive. In scarring hair loss such as tinea capitis, frontal fibrosing alopecia, folliculitis decalvans, the hair follicles are permanently damaged. Hence, we regard them as irreversible hair loss. For male and female pattern hair loss, it is important to know that even though the hair follicles are alive, the damage is also done. The process is what we know as miniaturisation. So in fact, hair does regrow on its own. Just that the follicles grow thinner and finer strands of hair. Ultimately, the hair that grows out is tiny baby hair, which leaves the scalp smooth and shiny exposing baldness. 

Hair Loss Product 5: Scalp Massager with Hair growth Serum for Hair Loss

Scalp Massager for Hair Growth Serums
Many neglect the method of application for hair growth serums. Scalp massage is a proven method of improving absorption of serums. It is tedious for the layperson to perform scalp massage. This patented tool dispenses and massages with a single application, without the need for charging or electricity.

What is the best way to regrow hair ?

I like to call it the bento approach – not just one treatment but many different treatments that are evidence based do work better than just one modality alone. There is no sense in using excess serums when a specific amount is deemed sufficient. There is also a limit to how much the scalp can absorb. Combine LED light treatment, such as with our home photon laser kit, with radiofrequency and laser diode. Evidence backed hair regrowth treatments with minoxidil, copper peptide, plant oils – these synergise well. For hair grooming, do not neglect hair conditioners. The hair thickening mask, for example, is designed to be applied from the roots to the tips. The active ingredients work to thicken the strands of hair.

Dermatologist Hair Loss Tip 1: What to use with Hair Growth Serum for Hair Loss?

Radiofrequency and Laser Comb for Hair Growth
The RASER Comb uses radiofrequency and laser diode to optimise hair follicle activity. Combining an effective hair growth serum for hair loss such as the copper peptide serum with a hair regrowth device like the RASER comb optimises the hair regrowth outcome for common causes of hair loss like androgenetic alopecia. 

How to stop hair loss?

Stopping hair loss should be the goal when there is an identified medical cause. Medical conditions such as high or low thyroid – known as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, these can cause increased hair shedding. When treated, hair shedding stops. Hair loss can also be a symptom of underlying autoimmune disease. Lupus is a multi organ autoimmune disease that must be treated to prevent further spread and organ damage.  For pattern hair loss such as androgenetic alopecia, hair loss must be slowed down. Otherwise when hair miniaturisation takes place, the hair follicles may not grow thick hair- which gives the appearance of increased hair thinning. 

Dermatologist Hair Loss Tip 2 : What to use with Hair Growth Serum for Hair Loss?

AURORA Home Photon Light Therapy Device
The AURORA Home Photon Light Therapy Device works well with hair growth serum(s) for hair loss. It utilises red and yellow light to stimulate hair follicles. A customised regimen will be emailed to you with confirmation of purchase.

How do hair growth serums work?

The best regrowth serums work by creating the optimal hair follicle microenvironment for hair growth. They also can stimulate certain aspects of the hair growth process. Others can work by inducing the side effect of hypertrichosis (excess hair growth) such as minoxidil. My preference is for the former because these can truly improve the quality of the hair shaft.

What is the best hair growth serum for thinning hair? 

One that is ideal should stimulate the hair follicle microenvironment beneficially. Explore the scientific studies that support these claims. Many active ingredients can claim to be plant based but have scant scientific evidence. Relying on serums alone without proper scalp care, such as effective cleansing, is unwise. The scalp must be healthy for hair to grow well. Scalp cleansing is especially important in Singapore weather. The heat and humidity increases the growth of microorganisms such as malassezia furfur, bacteria – many of which can upset the delicate scalp microbiome. Finally, consider changing hair grooming practices. Use a hair thickening conditioner. Choose a brush that is gentle on your hair. Devices based on laser diode and radiofrequency also help to stimulate hair regrowth. 

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