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Copper Peptide Hair Regrowth Serum

The Dr.TWL Hair Mask Bar System is developed with a focus on environmentally conscious, science-backed botanical ingredients for a deep-conditioning home hair spa treatment. Our haircare formulation delivers salon-results, without the toxic chemical runoff associated with the traditional haircare industry.



Dermatologist Prescription Series. Intensive Hair Growth. Home Regimen

*Note 2020 updated formula of Copper Peptide Serum maintains original formulation in a clear serum.


Copper tripeptide

[Hair Growth]

[Root Strengthener]

[Hair Shaft Thickening]

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Originally prescription only in our dermatologist’s office, this hair loss serum uniquely contains Copper tripeptide, a novel molecule that stimulates hair growth. Clinically proven to have similar efficacy to that of 5% minoxidil, stimulating growth without irritation side effects or toxicity. Studies show collagen production is increased, strengthening existing hair and thickening the hair shaft.


[Intensive] Apply 5 drops on the whole scalp twice daily.

[Maintenance] Apply 3 drops on the whole scalp twice daily.


[Once a week] Place the gel cap into the heated mask bar for 10 minutes. While the gel cap is heating up, apply 20-30 drops of Copper Peptide Hair Regrowth Serum using the click open built-in applicator on the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Take this opportunity to give yourself a relaxing head massage using a rose roller for increased serum absorption. After 10 minutes, take the gel cap out of the mask bar and wear it for 15-20 minutes. Be sure to test temperature before use to avoid scalding.

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