Raser™ Hair Regrowth Comb


Multi-Functional 5 in 1 Comb
Diode Laser + Radiofrequency
+ Red Photon + EMS
+ Massage with Ozone Sterilization

Dermatologist Recommended
FDA Approved Laser Device

Earn 550.00 Reward Points
$550.00 SGD


[Hair Follicle Stimulation]
[Hair Regrowth]
[Scalp Serum Absorption]
[Hair Elasticity/Anti-Frizz/Shine]


Please use this device only for its intended purpose as described in the manual.

Hair Regrowth Comb

A USB cable is included to charge the device and may be used with any 1A USB adaptor, such as your smartphone charging plug. This ensures convenient power supply across the different regions in which the device may be used.

  1. 4 adjustable functions are available, namely Massage, Red Photon, Diode Laser and Radiofrequency (RF) with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Ozone sterilization is carried out concurrently when Diode Laser is activated.
  2. First, use the RF+EMS function across the scalp and troubled areas for 5 minutes. This activates the scalp cells for regeneration. The Massage function may also be activated simultaneously with RF+EMS to enhance absorption of topicals and relieve fatigue.
  3. Follow on scalp with the Diode Laser (to reduce activity of fungus like yeast which impedes healthy scalp cells activity) and Red Photon (to stimulate scalp cells) functions for 5 minutes each consecutively.
  4. Each cycle of use should last a total of 15 minutes, comprising of 5mins Massage+RF+EMS, 5mins Diode Laser, and 5mins Red Photon. Repeat cycle 3 times per week, or daily for intensive care.
  5. The 15 minute cycle as above is recommended for each use to maximize benefits from the individual functions. However, where time is a constraint, you may optionally truncate to a 10 minute cycle by toggling the Diode Laser and Red Photon functions to occur simultaneously, ie Massage+EMS+RF for 5mins followed by Diode Laser+Red Photon for 5mins.

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This device comes with a safety tested Li-ion battery. The LED indicator turns red during charging. Green light signals that charging is complete.