Scalp Massager & Exfoliator – Hair Serum Applicator


The best scalp massager and exfoliator that dispenses hair serum too. A new generation hair and scalp serum activator. Effective hair serum applicator without wastage. Allows easy application and even distribution of scalp serums without wastage. Enhances absorption of hair and scalp serums with intuitive massage function.

Apply your scalp and hair serums perfectly every time

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[Reduces Dandruff] Exfoliates and Regulates Sebum
[Dual Function] Massage & Infuse
[No Drip] No Wastage
[Stimulates Hair Follicles]
[Intensive Hair Conditioning]


Fill vial with preferred solution. Remove protective cover. Comb through hair starting from roots.

[Scalp Treatment] Use with Copper Peptide Hair Regrowth Serum

[Intensive Hair Conditioning Treatment] Use with Lipi Series Conditioning Hair Oils.


Can the device be used with any type and brands of hair loss treatment solution / products?
Yes. However, results depend on effectiveness of solution and underlying scalp problem.

Does the device help in hair loss?
The device helps in hair regrowth, used together with anti dandruff shampoo can help hair loss caused by excessive dandruff. Hair loss problems due to other causes will need to be diagnosed by a dermatologist.

Do we just need to fill up the device with any hair loss serum and then apply on scalp?
Yes. Recommend for use with our Copper Peptide Serum for Scalp and LipiGro Serum.

Should the device be used with wet hair or dry hair?
It can be used on both. Usually, applying on a damp scalp has better absorption.

How long do we need to massage with the massager?
No fixed duration. Just follow the comb tooth to cover the entire scalp area. It is designed to be intuitive and without need for specialised training.

Can the device be used twice everyday?
For our solutions, it can be used as often as you would like as there is no risk of irritation. We recommend twice a day.

How to clean the scalp massager upon first and every use?
It is completely detachable and each part can be washed with hand soap and water.

Is the device battery operated or does it require charging?

The device uses a patented technology to dispense without any need for electricity or charging.

Can we use a baby wipe to wipe the device after each use?

Yes, or just wipe with damp cloth, there is no problem.