Sandalore® Hair Regrowth Comb For Hair Loss

This is a custom compounded order that will be shipped out from Apr 17 2023 onwards.


 This ORZAT4 Infusion Treatment Comb is impregnated with Sandalore® which has been scientifically proven to stimulate hair regrowth. In a clinical study¹ in 2018 published in the prestigious Nature Journal, researchers discovered that the scalp’s olfactory (smell) receptors responded to Sandalore® by stimulating hair growth from the follicles. This comb is designed to stimulate and support vigorous, healthy hair growth when used regularly.


[Olfactory Stimulation for Hair Regrowth]

Scientifically Proven with Original Sandalore® Treatment

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100% bamboo bristles treated with Sandalore®. Comb body from sustainably harvested natural Schima wood. Durable, hygienic vegan leather backing.
Comb marking is printed with 100% plant-based ink that is environmentally friendly, and is expected to fade with repeated use – does not affect product quality.


How do I clean the dust and dirt off the Sandalore Comb?

The oil and the bamboo imbued in the comb is naturally antibacterial. You can use a wide toothed comb to remove the hairs and simply store the comb in the biocidal bag provided, which kills all harmful bacteria on contact.


Use only on clean and dry hair and scalp twice daily. Start combing hair from roots to ends, gentling detangling and smoothing the cuticle. Use for minimum 5-10 minutes duration twice daily recommended for optimal results. Treated comb for use on dry hair only. For wet hair, use the Detangling Bamboo Brush.


This comb is imbued with anti-microbial properties and should not be washed with water or detergent. Bristle treatment every 3 months for optimal performance. Store in CUIONS anti-microbial drawstring pouch provided which kills 99.9% of surface bacteria on contact.


¹Chéret, J., Bertolini, M., Ponce, L. et al. Olfactory receptor OR2AT4 regulates human hair growth. Nat Commun 9, 3624 (2018). (PubMed)

²Tanaka A, Zhu Q, Tan H, et al. Biological activities and phytochemical profiles of extracts from different parts of bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens). Molecules. 2014;19(6):8238-8260. (PubMed)

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