Customized LipStick Review

My Experience at Dr.TWL’s Virtual Lip Lab

By Micole Chan 

What does Dr.TWL’s Virtual Lip Lab offer?

A custom LipSerum Stick will be made for you from the comfort of home via a personalised streamed video consultation with Dr.TWL’s Colour Scientist. Receive 3x 7-day Lip Samplers of your shortlisted shades within the next 72 hours, with complimentary courier before you choose your final full-sized shade! 

“It’s not just a lipstick, it’s a cosmeceutical anti-ageing lip serum — designed with a unique chemistry for beautiful colours and textures with our trade secret Pi π-Effect, that’s why we called it the LipSerum Stick™“ accredited dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin. The Dr. TWL Custom Lip Lab is a dermatologist developed cosmeceutical lipstick laboratory, that allows you to customise your dream lipstick/gloss, to any shade and finish you can imagine! The cosmeceutical base of this lipstick was developed  by the Dr.TWL Team comprising a dermatologist, chemist and a pharmaceutical engineer. It features a combination of cosmeceutical anti-ageing active ingredients incorporated in a preservative free, natural antioxidant formula with pure edible plant waxes, which undergo stringent pharmaceutical purification to remove traces of any chemicals or pesticides.


Who is it suitable for?

Someone looking for…

– The perfect lipstick shade that will match and flatter their skin tone.

– Their favourite lipstick colour that was unfortunately discontinued.

– A pigmented, long-lasting lipstick that is also hydrating, anti-aging and promises no wrinkles/creases (even on dry lips!)

My Experience

Why I chose TWL

I’m a very lazy person that hates getting out of the house so I get literally everything online (especially in light of Covid-19). The problem I have with buying lipstick online is that I am only able to see the shade from the pictures online. These tiny pictures are usually not representative of the actual shade and finish of the lipstick.  The Virtual Custom Lip Lab caught my interest as the idea of consulting the Colour Scientist from the comfort of home was really appealing to me. I would be able to show her pictures of shades i’m interested in AND get my skin tone analysed to find shades that actually suit me. On top of that, 3 Lip Samplers will be sent to me after the video consultation so I can try on the shades myself before I make my decision on the final shade. 

Additionally, I’ve had sensitive and dry lips for the longest time and this makes it extremely hard for me to find products that my chapped lips look good without irritating them. Dr.TWL’s Custom Makeup Lab is headed by accredited dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin, an expert on cosmeceutical skincare research and development. Their LipSerum Stick incorporates anti-ageing active ingredients in a preservative-free, natural antioxidant formula with pure edible plant waxes, which undergo stringent pharmaceutical purification to remove traces of any chemicals or pesticides. 


I found all the information needed on this website.

You can purchase up to 3 full-sized lipsticks but, as a new customer, I decided to purchase the package for one lipstick. Thereafter, I booked my appointment for the video consultation on their website. I received a confirmation email and was provided an informative powerpoint pdf which detailed the full process of the experience. 

Prior to The Video Consultation 

As advised (on the powerpoint), I compiled instagram pictures of swatches and examples of colours that I was interested in and sent the links to the pictures via whatsapp to the Colour Scientist. 

I decided the diamond shimmer would look the best with my shade. There were a total of 6 shimmers available. (Pink Camel, Gold, Copper, Diamond, White pearl)

They offer many scents: Ice cream soda, Raspberry, Melon, Cherry, Vanilla, Creme de Coco, Peach, Maple, Caramel, Blueberry. I narrowed my selection to Peach and Vanilla, going with Peach in the end.

During the Video Consultation

The Colour Scientist Joanne started off with explaining the benefits of the active ingredients in the lipstick and how they would hydrate and anti-age my lips. A skin tone analysis was carried out and Joanne informed me that I had fair skin. She then sent me a chart with the recommended shades for my exact skin tone via whatsapp. I was especially drawn to two of the shades.

Joanne had already prepared a few samples for me based on the photos I sent her earlier and I selected the one I liked the most. 

Thereafter she asked about shimmer and scent. 

Joanne showed me the shimmers and told me that adding a different shimmer will completely change the base colour of the lipstick. She then showed me examples of how different shimmers when added, changed the original colour. I loved how the diamond shimmer made the shade look so I proceeded with diamond! 

Before she told me about the flavours of the lipstick, she asked if I had sensitive lips and she informed me that they did not advise adding scents for people with sensitive lips. 

That was basically it! I chose the sample she prepared for me and two colours from the recommended shades for my LipSerum Samplers.

After the Video Consultation

The entire process of making the samplers was recorded and sent to me. I found it super satisfying to see how lipsticks were made!! 3 days after the video consultation, the samplers arrived and they were gorgeous! Had a hard time picking which of the three I wanted (major regret not getting three full-sized ones), but I ended up choosing the darker shade that was recommended for my skin tone. 

Final Judgement

All in all, I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the service provided. For the price of $85.60, I received the consultation and free delivery of THREE customised 7-Day Lip Samplers (worth $21.40 each) and a FULL-sized customised lipstick worth ($74.90). Cost effective, convenient and all in all highly recommended to everyone! Thank you TWL for the amazing experience 🙂 Would definitely advise you to consider getting 3 full-sized lipsticks for $192.60 and a free gift of choice (beauty blender worth $48.15 caught my eye) !! Purchase yours here!

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