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Best Lip Balm in Singapore: Dry Lips Treatment & Prevention 

Chapped lips are when your lips are dry, cracked and burn, sting, or feel uncomfortable. Many think that people can only get chapped lips in the winter season in colder countries, but unless you practice dry lips prevention and treatment, you…

Best Lipstick Palette: Why Get a Customised Lip Palette?

Are you looking for the best lipstick palette? Here's a dermatologist guide on why you should choose a lipstick palette over lipstick. As a conscious beauty pharmacy we have compiled the top reasons why the best lipstick palette is one…

Anti-Aging Lip Plumper: Dermatologist Best Tips

Model with cool skin tone wears LipSerum Stick with Ultra Intensive Treatment Lip Plumper for immediate plumping look. Are you searching for the best lip plumping gloss? Look no further. In this article, we discuss the key features of an…

Customized LipStick Review

My Experience at Dr.TWL’s Virtual Lip Lab By Micole Chan  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dr.TWL Custom Lip Lab (@drtwlliplab) What does Dr.TWL’s Virtual Lip Lab offer? A custom LipSerum…


Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals held the official launch party of its cosmeceutical makeup arm, the Pi π-Custom Cosmeceutical Makeup Lab. The flagship custom makeup lab hosts the Dr.TWL Custom Lip Lab, a unique facility focussing on dermatologist-developed cosmeceutical lip serum based lipsticks, which can be customised to any colour, with a one-of-a-kind finish called the Pi π-Effect, a result of the team’s research into colour science involving natural micas and microcrystals.
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Singapore, June 20, 2019 – Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, one of the Asian market leaders in the dermatologist-led cosmeceutical research and development arena, made available to the mass market a lip plumper formulated with salmon roe DNA. Heard of the Rejuran™ treatment? It is a Salmon Roe based treatment which boosts skin healing and has rejuvenating effects for skin, but is administered via a needle injection method.

What Lipstick Colour to Wear… Based on Your Skin Tone!

Lipstick and lip shades can truly make or break an entire look. It brings our whole makeup look together and offers a proper definition to the face. Did you also know that there are certain shades of lip colours— be it berry, pink, coral,…
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The Perfect Lip Shade for Your Lip Shape

Lipstick is every woman’s best friend. The shade of your lipstick, even its finish, can truly make or break an entire look. It brings our whole makeup look together and offers a proper definition to the face. But lipsticks don't come in a…

Best Lip Plumper That Works? Dermatologist’s Complete Guide

Full and well-defined lips imbue a sense of youth, health and attractiveness, hence the increasing popularity of products that promise to enhance the fullness of lips – also known as lip plumpers. But do these products really work and, if…