3 Best Facial Cleanser(s) for Teenager Singapore: Complete Derm Guide 

Dr.TWL Pharmacy is a dermatologist approved skincare pharmacy in Singapore. Its house brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals has an acne discovery kit curated as a trial kit for teenagers with acne. Dr. Teo Wan Lin, Singapore dermatologist and chief scientific officer of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals is also the author of the Acne Care Bible: Dermatologist’s Tips on Acne Treatment and Prevention. The book is available on Amazon Kindle, as well as our bookstore. This is a complete guide to 3 best facial cleanser(s) for teenagers in Singapore that you can find in our pharmacy. 

The best facial cleanser(s) in Singapore are those adapted to our local climate and lifestyle. It is a misunderstanding that teenagers with oily acne prone skin must use stronger more astringent cleansers. Teenagers must avoid cleansers that test strip skin dry. Even for oily skin types, these are not suitable because it can cause reactive seborrhoea which means that the skin produces even more oil to compensate. Facial cleansing is the most important step in a teenager’s skincare regimen. Effective facial cleansing suppresses overall bacterial growth without killing good bacteria. Good and bad bacteria coexist and  act as part of a healthy skin microbiome. 

1. Miel Honey Cleanser for Acne-Prone and Oily Skin

The best acne face wash suited for Singapore climates is one that is formulated with active ingredients that have anti inflammatory properties and antibacterial properties. The Miel Honey Cleanser uses the effect of natural honey that suppresses harmful bacteria. It also contains Artemisia Vulgaris and Arnica Montana for anti-inflammatory effects. It helps to regulate sebum production. Oil Control is a rather complex function that requires stabilising the oil glands as well as reducing inflammation. This is important because skin reacts to the external climate. So if the weather is very humid like in Singapore, skin may become oilier. Whereas if you are in a dry temperate climate, it may feel less oily. 

2. Hydrating Cleansing Essence with Micellar Wipe 

The best ways to cleanse your face, for those living in Singapore, is actually has got to do with the right facial cleanser as well as the correct method of cleansing. Cleansing may be different if you need to freshen up in between workouts, for example. Without access to a sink and running water, using a cleansing pad with a water based cleanser is effective and efficient. Also, it does not dry skin out since this may have to be done multiple times in a day. Teenagers may not be comfortable bringing around their facial cleanser to school etc. 

Plant Based Facial Cleanser
At our pharmacy, we carry a hydrating cleansing essence with a micellar cleansing pad that can effectively and gently remove dirt oil and grime with just a convenient spray. This is a soap free cleansing method that utilises natural botanicals such as rice bran exact and soy for cleansing. 

For best cleansing options, a combination of these approaches works. Twice a day proper cleansing with the Miel Honey Cleanser and water. In between if freshening up  is required after sports, use the Hydrating cleanser essence with the micellar pad. This does not dehydrate the skin.

3. SilkPeel with Papain Enzyme Exfoliation

As Singapore’s weather is warm with a near 90% humidity level, care must be taken for those who have oily skin and or have a family history of acne. For a teenager undergoing puberty, the surge in testosterone increases oil production. Together with warm weather this can encourage an overgrowth of acne bacteria. This can cause a flare up of acne even with best cleansing practices. Especially in a teenager with a family history of acne.

Maskne can cause worsening too because of the occlusive effect of face masks. Deeper cleansing does not mean stronger but more effective methods. In this case, our enzyme peel with papaya extract known as papain can effectively micro exfoliate skin to prevent comedone formation. The SilkPeel is a handheld microdermabrasion device that can resurface the skin, shedding dead skin cells. Acne is partly caused by dead skin cells stuck to the surface of “pores” also known as follicles. Using microdermabrasion and an enzyme chemical peel is a way to effectively cleanse skin to prevent comedone formation. 

SilkPeel Home Facial Peel System
The effects of the SilkPeel Home Facial Peel System are that of microdermabrasion which has a similar effect to microscopic skin exfoliation. Use with Enzyme Peel Solution – Papain enzyme concentrate with 17 botanical antioxidants for nourishing your skin barrier with micro-exfoliation for deep penetration of antioxidants.

How to choose the best facial cleanser for teenagers in Singapore?

The type of facial cleanser you use affects how comfortable your teenager’s skin feels in Singapore’s hot weather. The ideal facial wash also can improve common skin conditions like acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema. 

Teenagers undergo hormonal changes during puberty. These hormonal changes cause an increase in the male hormone, testosterone. Testosterone increases both in males and females. Increased skin oiliness in Singapore can increase the risk of getting bacterial infections on skin. Oily skin can also lead to overgrowth of yeast or fungus known as Malassezia FurFur. This leads to a condition called seborrheic dermatitis. Teenagers living in Singapore are prone to this. Also known as a type of oily skin coexisting with eczema, seborrheic dermatitis can show up as red flaky patches on skin. Common affected areas are in between the eyebrows, around the nasolabial folds, the hairline and also around the mouth area. Seborrheic dermatitis in teenagers is accompanied by dandruff on the scalp. 

Having oily and dry skin existing at the same time is possible. Especially in hot and humid countries like Singapore. This compilation of the top three best types of facial cleansing available for teenagers living in Singapore is written in conjunction with our founder accredited dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin. We hope this guide can help you understand the requirements of a facial wash for acne prone teenagers living in Singapore.

Ideal acne facial cleanser

The ideal acne facial wash for teenagers can help to improve the balance of good and bad bacteria and skin. This is also what we know as the skin microbiome. Our pharmacy’s research focuses on microbiome skincare. This means that we use active ingredients that do not harm the balance of good and bad germs. Rather it restores the balance to make skin more resilient. Good microbiome skincare translates into healthier skin. Healthy skin is less likely to develop acne or other dermatological conditions.  

The best acne facial wash designed for teenagers living in a summer climate like Singapore also helps to regulate oil production. Excessive production of oil occurs in acne prone individuals. Humid weather and increased sweating due to heat can worsen this. Cleansing is an important skincare step for acne patients. Proper cleansing can help to improve the comfort level of skin in hot and humid weather. The ideal facial cleanser for acne has additional properties that can help to prevent the onset of skin problems. 

Acne Discovery Kit including Honey Cleanser
The Acne Discovery Kit includes a sample of the best-selling Honey Cleanser that helps stabilise the skin microbiome and 2 of our star products for treatment of acne.

What is a facial cleanser?

The best facial cleanser(s) for teenagers in Singapore is one that can maintain a healthy skin microenvironment. The emerging concept of healthy skin is skin resilience. This refers to skin that can stay strong and healthy despite environmental changes. For teenagers living in Singapore, the best facial cleanser for acne prone individuals must be practical and effective.

Why is cleansing important ?

Proper facial cleansing is the best method for teenagers in Singapore to prevent and treat acne. Mild acne does not require medications or a visit to a dermatologist. The best facial cleanser for a humid climate like Singapore is one that can help to stabilise oil production. 

How does lifestyle affect cleanser choices?

Best facial cleanser for teenagers living in Singapore must be convenient and comfortable on skin. An oily skin cleanser can contain salicylic acid and glycolic acids. These can help control oil production and exfoliate skin. However, tropical Singapore is different from other temperate climates. Year long UV radiation can increase the risk of sun sensitivity, which is due to the acid’s peeling effect. This can cause your skin to get red and dry, flaky. 

Does cleansing prevent acne?

The best method to prevent acne if you are a teenager living in Singapore is to start on a good skincare regimen early. Prepubertal children around 10-11 years of age can start developing comedones or oily skin, especially those with a family history of acne.  The best way is to use a gentle but effective cleanser like the Miel Honey Cleanser as a preventive step. This removes excess oil, dirt and grime which act as “food” for acne bacteria to feed on.

What causes acne?

One of the best approaches to acne prevention in teenagers for Singapore weather is to use the correct cleanser. This is because acne originates from P. acnes, a type of bacteria that prefers the oily skin of acne sufferers.

Best facial cleanser(s) in Singapore for acne

Dermatologist recommended facial cleanser(s) are gentle on skin yet effective for removing excess dirt, oil, grime and bacteria that can worsen acne flare ups in teenagers living in Singapore.

Acne face wash best suited for teenagers in Singapore climate

Singapore weather affects teenagers who are undergoing puberty. 

The ideal face wash for teenagers in Singapore can help stabilise the skin microenvironment. The type of acne face wash determines how effective and comfortable it feels. Singapore’s humid weather means that a sticky consistency for a cleanser will be uncomfortable. This worsens in teenagers who have oily skin, as the humidity increases the sticky sensation. An effective acne cleanser suited for a humid tropical climate also does not dehydrate the skin while cleansing. It should have additional anti-inflammatory properties like the Miel Honey Cleanser which contains Arnica Montana. This soothes dryness flaking and skin redness. 

Honey Cleanser
The Miel Honey Cleanser is suitable for children, teenagers and adults. It contains natural moisturising factors that can adjust your natural skin moisture levels. 

Best ways to cleanse face for teenagers living in Singapore

The best method is one that is convenient for a teenager’s lifestyle in Singapore. This means the teenager can be consistent with use and this improves the effect on skin. 

How does Singapore weather affect teenager’s facial skin?

Singapore’s weather averages 30-35 degrees year round, with humidity of 85-99%. This can result in a sticky sensation due to increased sweat. Especially when wearing a face mask. This leads to an occlusive effect. The sun exposure can also increase sun sensitivity. This is important because acne facial cleansers for teens are usually formulated for temperate climates where the sun’s intensity is lower. Ingredients like salicylic lactic and glycolic acid can increase skin sensitivity to sunlight. This results in redness, burning, stinging and flaking.

Are teenagers in Singapore more prone to acne if they do not cleanse properly?

Yes. The best method to treat acne in teenagers is to prevent acne. Prevention may come about with a proper acne skincare regimen. Of all the steps in an acne skincare regimen, the most important is cleansing. This is because it directly improves the skin microbiome. It reduces acne causing bacteria and also prevents secondary bacterial infections. 

A facial cleanser is essentially a type of face wash that can help to remove dirt and grime, excess oil and bacteria on skin. The function of a facial cleanser is to keep a healthy balance of bacteria on skin. When there is an imbalance of bacteria, bad bacteria as well as yeast and other microorganisms can grow. The best facial cleanser is one that can help to stabilise the balance of bacteria. 

Why chemical disinfectant antibacterial washes are not recommended by dermatologists anymore for acne treatment 

Antibacterial chemical disinfectants are not helpful in treating acne because they wipe out all bacteria and can leave skin imbalanced. When good bacteria is absent, it is easier for bad bacteria to take over. This can quickly cause an infection. 

Chemical disinfectants such as triclosan were previously used by dermatologists to suppress the growth of bacteria on skin. However, it was found that because it suppresses both good and bad bacteria, it actually did not help acne treatment very much. The same reason why topical antibiotics like erythromycin and clindamycin gel do not work long term for acne. In fact they cause a serious health concern known as antibiotic resistance. 

Using disinfectants like chlorhexidine and triclosan for acne is not just ineffective. Long term, they lead to imbalances in the skin bacteria, which can contribute to acne flare-ups. 

The role of an ideal acne facial cleanser for teenagers living in Singapore

A facial cleanser should also leave skin feeling clean, as cleansing is meant to help the skin feel more comfortable skin that has excess buildup of oil or has a sticky sensation. It’s not well received. Cleansing is important. For these two reasons.

First, it helps to improve the skin microbiome. Effective cleansing also helps teenagers to feel more comfortable after being sweaty in a hot and humid climate like Singapore. 

The best type of facial cleanser for teenagers in Singapore is one that can address both of these concerns. Lifestyle is also an important consideration. For example, a teenager is not going to be comfortable with a multiple step cleansing routine. This may be applicable  for someone who wears makeup, or an older adult for anti aging concerns. A teenager’s lifestyle is active, and as most schools in Singapore do not have air conditioning, they will sweat more. In between school and also commuting, cleansing must be quick and efficient. 

Convenient & effective facial cleansing options for teenagers 

On the go cleansing is practical and must be an option. Cleansing options that are convenient and can also keep teenagers’ skin oil free throughout the day. The hot weather in Singapore means that there is more sweating and oil production. This can provide a moist environment that breeds bacterial growth.

According to dermatologist Dr .Teo Wan Lin, cleansing twice a day is optimum for Singapore’s weather for all skin types. Any more frequent, it can cause skin to dehydrate and weaken the skin barrier. How about for those who sweat during the day such as after sports? What is the best facial cleansing method for teenagers after sports activities? 

Caution with on-the-go cleansing wipes

Cleansing wipes may be preferred by teenagers who have to freshen up after physical activity. Many facial wipes contain harsh astringent chemicals that are not suitable for those suffering from acne or inflamed skin. However, it is very convenient, which is its main marketing feature. 

The pharmacy stocks the cleansing essence which is used with a micellar textile for on-the go soapless cleansing. The textile is designed to effectively remove all the excess dirt, oil grime with just the cleansing toner essence. A handy portable spray with a light weight cleansing essence. 

Can proper cleansing prevent my teenager from developing acne?

Cleansing itself can prevent acne in someone who is undergoing puberty or has physiologic acne. However, moderate to severe acne is primarily determined by one’s genetics. So if you have a family history of acne, it is important to use a good cleanser from an early age. This ensures it does not strip the skin excessively of oil and moisture. Acne is a multifactorial condition influenced by your genetics as well as a process known as inflammation. Inflammation drives comedones or whiteheads and blackheads from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface.

Subsequently, the comedones get secondarily infected with bacteria known as gram negative bacteria that can lead to gram negative folliculitis. This is when you notice pus on top of red bumps, or whiteheads and blackheads. As acne is caused by a bacteria known as propionibacterium acnes, effective antibacterial cleansing can help. P. acnes is a normal skin commensal. This means it exists in those who are healthy and also for acne prone individuals. However, in the latter, it drives the formation of acne. This is why blue light therapy is effective for treatment of teenager acne as well.

AURORA Photon Light Therapy
The AURORA is modeled after the state of the art light therapy machines that can deliver biosimilar wavelengths. The AURORA treats acne, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores and aging. 

Best cleanser formulation with foaming effects suitable for Singapore climate

An ideal cleanser for Singapore’s climate is one that produces sufficient foam to ensure a pleasant cleansing experience. 

However, traditional foaming cleansers have high surfactant content. Surfactants can be in the form of laureth sulfates, which are harsh on skin and strip the skin of moisture. Alternative surfactants such as amino acids and botanical emulsifiers derived from beans or honey are gentler on skin. These foam up naturally because of the presence of saponins. These create foam while moisturising the skin barrier. 

Traditional dermatologist recommended gentle skin cleansers are likely to have low levels of surfactants, to minimise dehydrating skin. While they are gentle and similarly effective, such non-foaming acne face washes will not be comfortable to use in Singapore’s hot weather. 

Those with a milk or oil base will feel sticky on skin especially when one sweats a lot. A teenager’s lifestyle is usually very active and in Singapore, this means lots of heat and sweating. Milk or oil based cleansers are not suitable for teenagers as a facial wash in humid climates.

However, if the teenager is known to have a past history of sensitive skin or eczema, it is important to consider that they may have both dry and oily skin. This sounds paradoxical but can occur. The oil production depends on sebum regulating glands known as the sebaceous glands. Dry skin however has to do with weak junctions between superficial skin cells known as the corneocytes in the stratum corneum. 

The best cleanser for teenagers with oily skin balances moisture and oil removal 

The best facial cleanser in such teenagers then is  not just one that can remove excess oil but can also leave a layer of moisture on skin known as a humectant. This is a moisture trapping effect due to active ingredients such as glycerin.

It is possible for a cleanser to completely strip skin dry of moisture and oil. Such cleansers leave the skin dehydrated. This results in a paradoxical seborrhea which means that more oil is secreted in response. 

5 Best Dermatologist Tips 

Facial Cleanser Options for Teenagers living in Singapore

  1. The best facial cleanser options for teenagers must be convenient and suit outdoor lifestyles. Spray and wipe options such as our Hydrating Cleansing Essence with micellar textile work well.
  2. Antibacterial acne cleansers are helpful in teenagers wth acne and oily skin. Choose a botanical or natural emulsifier such as our Miel Honey Cleanser for effective and comfortable cleansing.
  3. Non-foaming cleansers are uncomfortable to use in tropical Singapore. However, high laureth sulfates can strip skin dry. Amino acid or  botanical emulsifiers are gentler on skin and also foam for a comfortable cleansing experience. 
  4. An effective facial cleanser for teenagers helps to regulate oil control. Sebum regulating effects are important for teenagers’ skin. 
  5. Choose the right face mask to wear for COVID-19 protection. Face masks have an occlusive effect on skin and can cause increased bacterial growth due to Singapore’s hot and humid weather.
Biofunctional Face Mask
The reusable fabric face masks with biofunctional textiles are based on a proprietary cut, design and function owned by Dr.TWL Biomaterials. We retain the published copyright as the original ideal fabric face mask design that is dermatologist-recommended for treatment and prevention of mask-induced skin diseases. It also minimizes skin irritation for sensitive skin and contains active ingredients like nanoparticles, lab-tested to function as topical antibiotics to treat skin diseases. 
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