How to reduce frizzy hair- Dermatologist recommends Silk Hair Caps

The natural component of mulberry silk consists of Sericin, a natural protein produced by the silk worm of the Bombyx mori species. Sericin is also a constituent of the healthy hair shaft. Wearing a mulberry silk night cap, first of all, solves the practical problem of long hair getting tangled and frizzy due to static while sleeping. Beyond that, the natural material also helps to condition the hair shaft and makes it more manageable.

– Dr Teo Wan Lin

When it comes to preventing frizz and managing the quality of your hair, it is best if the maintenance of your mane is done through the night. Sleeping six to eight hours would also mean six to eight friction-laden hours of rooting your scalp on a pillowcase, which can rough up your hairstyle, leaving you with dry, frizzy and tangled strands in the morning. 

This is why wrapping up your hair before you sleep is highly recommended by dermatologists as it helps to eliminate such problems, leaving you with healthier hair.

Dr Teo Wan Lin is an accredited dermatologist and an expert on cosmeceutical skincare research and development. She is the author of  “Skincare Bible – Dermatologist’s Tips for Cosmeceutical Skincare”  which was published July 2019 by leading bookstores Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor and Apple Books and available in bookstores islandwide from January 2020. She heads up Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, a specialist cosmeceutical skincare line with evidence-based active ingredients for anti-ageing and skin health. Its subsidiaries, the Pi- Cosmeceutical Custom Makeup Lab and the Conscious Mask Bar are part of the Conscious Concept Pharmacy launched in December featuring environmentally sustainable makeup and skincare materials.

Why should you use hair caps when you sleep?

  1. Tangling 

As we toss and turn at night, our hair can get tangled, leaving you with a frizzy mess when you wake up. It is hence recommended to brush your hair before you sleep to remove the knots, and gently twist your hair up on top of your head before proceeding to wrap your hair bun with a silk scarf to prevent new hair tangles from forming. Wrapping your hair in a silk scarf also prevents breakage and avoid split ends. 

2. Breakouts and blemishes 

Keeping your hair covered and off your face at night can help to prevent the oils and dirt from your hair from getting into the pores of your face and potentially clogging them. This also prevents breakouts from occurring on your face. 

3. Curl preservation and frizz prevention

Tossing and turning through the night can cause natural curls to frizz, leaving your hair in a tangled mess. Covering your hair can help to keep your curls intact and secure them in place. 

4. New Hair Growth & Minimizing Hair Loss

 Covering your hair with a sleep cap will help keep your delicate manes in the best condition. A sleep cap prevents friction against your pillow and protects emerging hair as you slumber. If you are shedding hair excessively, a sleep cap will help protect against hair loss caused by abrasion

Why use Mulberry silk?

Mulberry silk repels dust mites, mold, and mildew. It also helps with skin issues such as eczema, allergic rash, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis to name a few. Furthermore, Mulberry silk has antibacterial and antifungal properties and when used as a pillowcase, it may reduce frizziness, unlike cotton pillowcases.

The two proteins in Mulberry silk, Fibroin and Sericin, are reputed to be an excellent water-binding and absorbing proteins which are non-toxic and biocompatible, and is used in many hair and skin products to improve the condition of our hair and skin. 

How does Sericin in Mulberry Silk help in improving my skin ? 

Excessive transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is one of the causes of dry skin and scalp, and skin moisturizers have been used to overcome it. Since Silk sericin has resemblance with the natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which is responsible for keeping the adequate hydration of the stratum corneum (the outermost part of the epidermis), it has been studied for its application in skin cosmetics.

In a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in December 2005, sericin gels were applied on the skin of healthy human volunteers and its moisturizing efficiency was evaluated by measuring the skin hydroxyproline content, impedance, TEWL, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) results. A significant decrease in skin impedance, increase in hydroxyproline level, and hydration of epidermal cells revealed the moisturizing effect of sericin.  The moisturization effect on the skin can also be observed by the skin surface topography, revealing the smoothness of the upper layer of the skin. 

The LipiSilk™ Cocoon Night Hair Wrap 

What are the Benefits of the LipiSilk™ Cocoon night hair wrap?

Made with 100% Bombyx Mori Silk. Use as natural protein-rich cocoon to condition hair while sleeping, nourishing soft and smooth tresses.


  • Anti-Static: Detangling, Reduce Hair damage, Flyaways, Frizz, 
  • Natural Proteins for Hair: Fibroin- Sericin Rich for Repair, Reduce Split-Ends, Breakage
  • Hygienic: Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal
  • Hypoallergenic: Sensitive Skin, Sensitive Scalp

How do I use my LipiSilk™ Cocoon night hair wrap? 


Arrange and hold your hair in place, releasing locks into the LipiSilk cocoon as it slides on. We like to twist ours up into a bun at the crown of our head to deliver a subtle wave come morning. But there are many different ways to put your hair up so it looks great when you let it back down.


Be sure to tuck all your hair within your wrap so the elasticated silk edge is completely covering your hairline and the tip of your ears, this will ensure it sits tight, protecting and nourishing your locks all through the night.


Apply LipiSilk™ Oil Intensive Hair Treatment to hair shaft in morning.

Is the LipiSilk™ Cocoon night hair wrap right for my hair type?

The LipiSilk™ Cocoon night hair wrap  is for everyone! Regardless of your hair length or the styling of your hair, our LipiSilk™ Cocoon night hair wrap  is designed to improve the health of all hair types. 

Wouldn’t a silk pillowcase work the same for my hair?

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is beneficial for your skin, however, it does not have the same overnight conditioning effect as the LipiSilk™ Cocoon night hair wrap. The LipiSilk™ Cocoon night hair wrap cocoons hair and encases the natural forming oils rather than allowing them to be lost on your pillow. This allows your scalp oils to be re-distributed along your hair shaft, acting as a naturally nourishing conditioning treatment as you sleep. Furthermore, by wrapping your hair with the LipiSilk™ Cocoon night hair wrap, not only does it prevent the abrasive friction that causes hair breakage, it also dramatically reduces bed head as your hair would be less prone to movements that cause tangling and frizz, saving you time from restyling your hair. 

How will the LipiSilk™ Cocoon night hair wrap help me if I have hair extensions? 

Hair extensions weigh down on the roots of your natural hair. Hence the LipiSilk™ Cocoon night hair wrap will be able to strengthen your hair roots by alleviating the friction that tugs and weakens the roots and bonds when you sleep, preventing matting and tangling and ensuring your hair extensions look better for longer.

Do I have to clip up my hair when I use the LipiSilk™ Cocoon night hair wrap ?

We do not recommend wearing clips inside the hair wrap to avoid damage to the silk. Furthermore, the clips can damage your hair as you sleep and it is advisable to simply twist your hair into a loose bun that sits on the crown of your hair such that your hair still looks great when you let it back down. 

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