Micellar Exfoliating Peel Pad


Micellar textile technology micro-exfoliates & peels with water only. SKINSENSE sustainable beauty range by Dr.TWL designed for universal skin types including sensitive skin 

“Sensitive and troubled skin types experience discomfort during chemical peels with AHAs and BHAs. Physical exfoliation with our micellar textile technology peel pad utilises water only for activation. The fibres swell to provide gentle and effective micro-exfoliation, repelling hydrophobic particles. This accelerates skin cell renewal, revealing radiant skin,” Dr. Teo Wan Lin 

All Skin Types- Sensitive, Combination, Oily, Troubled Skin

[Material] Micellar textile in periwinkle purple. Launch special: Complimentary breathable cotton drawstring laundry bag. Plastic-free packaging.

Discover water-based, chemical surfactant-free cleansing methods


Experience an exfoliating peel activated by water only

[Exfoliating Pad] Microexfoliation with hydrophilic microfibrillar technology
[Water-Activated Fibres] Effectively remove dead skin cells for skin radiance
[Hypoallergenic] Allergy, Latex free
[Dual Function Reusable Makeup Round] Cleanse & Exfoliate


Tested to maintain efficacy for 100 water peels. 

[Daily peel] Moisten pad with water. 

[1] No makeup: Use on clean skin with pea-sized amount of Miel Honey Cleanser. 

[2] Makeup: 

Use directly over makeup with pea-sized amount of Le Lait Milk Cleanser enriched with calming camphor. Watch all makeup disappear. Follow with Miel Honey Cleanser for a microexfoliating skin treatment. Removes dead skin cells gently and enhances cell renewal for radiant skin.

Continue with serums and lotions as per preferred skincare regimen.