Miel Honey™ Cleanser




Brightening cleanser for face and body that stabilises the skin microbiome.

Blend of nature-derived emulsifiers. Anti-flaking. Supple skin. All skin types.

Up to 500 washes per bottle using 0.4ml per wash.

As this product contains purified honey, natural sedimentation and color may vary. 


Natural Honey [Cleansing]

Arnica Montana Flower Extract [Anti-flaking]

$95.00 SGD

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Thorough cleansing of skin with botanical emulsifiers leaving a clean yet moisturised feel. Arnica Montana Extract stabilizes skin and reduces flaking.

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I have sensitive skin. Is this suitable for those with medical skin conditions such as eczema rosacea and acne?

Yes, it is specially designed for sensitive and problem skin including acne, eczema, rosacea and other sensitive skin conditions. It is used in our partner dermatology clinic as part of treatment for these sensitive skin conditions.

Is this suitable for dry skin? How about combination and oily skin?

Yes. This cleanser is suitable for all skin types. It is formulated with medical grade honey which effectively cleanses while trapping a layer of moisture on your skin. This maintains healthy balance of moisture, and helps both dry and oily skin types. Excessively oily complexions can be caused by strong cleansers which strips skin dry of its natural oils. This is what is known as oily dehydrated skin.

Does it lather? I like to have my skin feeling clean. Many sensitive skin face washes leave skin feeling sticky and not cleansed at all.

Yes, the honey cleanser forms an effective gentle cleansing foam. Unlike other sensitive skin cleansers which sometimes leaves a sticky residue on skin, this gentle honey cleanser lathers because of the natural honey effect, which is an emulsifier. This means that it forms a foam to capture dirt, oil and grime, so that it can be rinsed off easily with water. You need only half a pump or just a pea-sized amount if your skin is dry, 1.5 pea-sized amounts if you have combination or oily skin. For combination skin, focus more on your T zone.


Work a pea-sized amount with warm water into a lather over the entire face/body and rinse off with cool water.

Contains anti-inflammatory and brightening active ingredients beneficial for treatment and prevention of underarm darkening due to eczema or fungal infections.


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