360° Conscious Mask Bar – Skin (3 Month Subscription)

$99/month (Basic 3 Months Subscription)

$119/month (Standard 3 Months Subscription)

$179/month (Premium 3 Months Subscription)



Your Mask Bar Subscription is the best way to get started on our home facial systems. Based on principles of Ethnobotany and clean cosmeceuticals. Each month*, you’ll get:

  • Includes [10ml x 3, 9 Applications], 2 x Polysaccharide Mask per month
  • New member gifts (valued at up to $900)**
  • Exclusive members-only DERM MASTERCLASS access by Dr. Teo Wan Lin

*deliveries consolidated into once for 3-month subscriptions, twice for 6-month subscriptions, non-transferable.

Dr.TWL Portable Custom Mask Bar

Comes with a 4L Mask Bar for the ultimate Home-Masking Regimen. Designed for storage of the reusable MoistureMax™ Polysaccharide Mask with freshly compounded cosmeceutical essence vials delivered monthly right to your doorstep.

Power:DC 12V,AC 100V-240V. Volume:4 Litre. Power consumption:50-55W. Cooling: Down to 8°C at 25°C ambient room temperature. Internal storage capacity: 13.5*13.5*20cm. Product Size:22.5*17.5*24cm

Custom Cosmeceutical Essence Mask Vial 

A private link will be sent to you via email upon purchase of the mask bar for a personal consultation with our Dermatology Physician Assistant Chelsea. Upon completing the consultation, our AI algorithm will compute an ideal emulsion formula for the mask bar system containing the best targetted actives for your concerns, up to a maximum of 5 active ingredients.

If you have any specific concerns prior to the consultation, do check the relevant boxes below. Our system also allows you to input up to 3 preferred active ingredients, if you have any, prior to the consultation. Tick your preferred active ingredients in the add-to-cart form below. Scroll down to Benefits for more details.

Eg. If you suffer from sensitive skin, pigmentation and acne

Tick on add-to-cart form: Algae Extract, Licorice, Grape Seed Oil

360° Conscious Mask Bar for Hair 


The Mask Bar subscription comes with a Ask A Dermatologist Exclusive whereby exclusive pharmacy-based skin recipes are delivered to your mailbox every month, with tips on how to maximise your home mask bar system. Subscribers are also entitled to a “Skincare Tips Session” with Dr. Teo Wan Lin via verified email address for 1 skincare related question per month, answered within 3 working days with recommendation of custom prescriptives.

$99/ MONTH

FREE Gift 1 x Amino Acid 360° Masque

$119/ MONTH

1 x Amino Acid 360° Masque



The Benefits of Clean Cosmeceuticals

The eco-conscious mask

The Dr.TWL sustainability efforts towards clean beauty

Beauty Fridge for Anti-Inflammatory Cold Therapy

Ideal for Rosacea*, sensitive skin/eczema treatment

*Currently used in TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre, our partner dermatologist clinic for skin treatment.


Personalised Skincare Pharmacy

Bimodal Mask Bar Cool your polysaccharide mask  for anti-inflammatory cold therapy at 4°C

Dermatologist-Designed Home Facial System

Step 1: Exfoliating Microdermabrasion 

Renew your skin cells  with the SilkPeel Home Medi-facial Kit. Polyglutamic acid solutions with potent antioxidants delivered via vacuum microdermabrasion.

Step 2: Treat & Mask 

Apply 3 ml of your customised cosmeceutical essence vials over entire face, including undereye.

Skin-healing Polysaccharide Mask traps active ingredients in mini-reservoirs within the mask, enhancing absorption by 1.5 X.

Step 3: Measure Results*
With the skin hydration analyzer

*100% guaranteed improvements in skin barrier with Mask Bar treatments or your money-back.
Parameters used in biocapacitance analysis of skin barrier function include transepidermal water loss (TEWL), ceramide levels and elastin (skin elasticity and suppleness).