Hydration Skin Analyzer – Skin Barrier Biosensor


Suitable for use on skin types, including sensitive areas such as the lips, undereye and neck.
For use with 360 Conscious Mask Bar System*, clinical monitoring of response to cosmeceutical treatment of eczema, sensitive, ageing skin.

*100% guaranteed improvements in skin barrier with Mask Bar treatments or your money-back.
Parameters used in biocapacitance analysis of skin barrier function include transepidermal water loss (TEWL), ceramide levels and elastin (skin elasticity and suppleness).

Delivery from 29 July 2020

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[Advanced Moisture Detector] Bioelectric Impedance Analysis
[Ceramide Content]
[Hydration] Trans-Epidermal Water Loss

This state-of-the-art moisture detector utilizes advanced material science technology to detect both Trans Epidermal Water Loss(TEWL) and ceramide levels in the skin.

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis

Moisture Level: The skin’s moisture level is affected by the rate of Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), due to water that passively evaporates through the skin to the external environment. 

Tip: Use humectants such as Natural Moisturising Factors, Polyglutamic Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid.  Opt for Mineral Booster that contains 1% clinically effective concentrations of polyglutamic acid, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid. Spray liberally throughout the day in air-conditioned environments to reduce TEWL. 

Oil (Lipid Levels): It measures the ceramide levels in your skin. Ceramide is a component that joins the “bricks“ of your skin cells together. Individuals with eczema and sensitive skin have lower levels of ceramide production. 

Tip: Use ceramide-based moisturizers. For dry skin, use Multi-CERAM Cream liberally at least 3 times daily. Use with MoistureMax Skin Healing Polysaccharide Mask until hydration levels reach normal/optimal values. If you have persistent redness, flaking, or sensitivity, consult an accredited dermatologist as you may require additional prescription topical medications for treatment. 

Softness (Elasticity): Measures the flexibility and smoothness of the skin. This correlates with the loss of collagen in your skin due to photoaging. 

Tip: Use Radiance Fluide and 360° Amino Acid Masque intensively twice daily with the MoistureMax Skin Healing Polysaccharide Mask for a minimum of 2 weeks. Monitor for improvement on a weekly level until desired levels attained