Best Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin, Anti-Aging and Acne

Dermatologist-recommended Facial Oil Serum for All Skin Types

Welcome to the Living Lab by Dr.TWL. The potential benefits of topical application of plant oils and skin have been increasingly studied in the field known as ethnobotany

The best facial oil is one that contains bioactive extracts with potent cosmeceutical properties. It should be in its purest form with minimal additives. This is achievable without preservatives, unlike other skincare, due to selection of plant oils with natural antimicrobial properties. Our research in plant oils started with the Custom Makeup Lab. Our bestselling HAPPY BLUSH is precisely formulated such that it is a 100% artificial chemical preservative-free makeup product. This is possible because of the natural properties of our proprietary seed oil blend.


Our research then followed into the realm of facial oils. We set out to provide the best facial oil serum to complement our range of cosmeceuticals. 

Multi Functional Facial Oil
Dr.TWL Pharmacy Exclusive: Ancient compounds now backed by modern dermatological science.

The use of natural oils for skin healing has been touted in traditional medicine and have often been dismissed as old wives tales. Scientific research has now shown that certain plant derived natural oils work in skin barrier repair and has additional benefits. 

Quest for the ideal facial oil serum for all skin types

It is well known that many essential oils can cause skin toxicity, including chemical burns and other allergic reactions. Hence, it is important to select only beneficial plant oils that are hypoallergenic. We work with a dermatologist in our essential oil laboratory to produce the best facial oil serums for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Keeping up to date with the latest in dermatological research

Only certain types of plant oils have specific benefits for the skin. An excellent facial oil serum does not just repair the skin barrier. It also offers pharmaceutical properties such as altering the skin microbiome. 

Dermatologist recommended facial oils for the skin microenvironment

Targetting the skin microenvironment is the latest focus of cosmeceutical research. 

“Facial oils offer a unique opportunity for nature’s self encapsulation and preservation techniques to integrate in skincare. Identifying an effective plant oil in research involves evaluation of its potential in targeting important cell activities. These include immune modulation to reduce inflammation, antioxidant properties which engulf cell damaging free radicals, skin barrier repair and microbiome balancing,” accredited Singapore dermatologist and founder, Dr Teo Wan Lin.

The best facial oil for skin microbiome restoration

Anti Inflammaging Facial Oil
The MIRACLE Facial Oil Serum builds resilient skin by optimising the skin microenvironment. Resilient skin can fight damaging UV rays and counter the effects of environmental pollution.

The skin microbiome refers to the balance of good and bad bacteria on the surface of skin. Essentially, having a healthy microbiome can help to keep skin infections at bay. Many chronic skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, folliculitis and eczema have been found to be associated with an altered skin microbiome. Eczema, for example, associates with Staphylococcus aureus colonisation. This leads to secondary skin infections. The bacteria also drives a phenomenon known as a super antigen effect. An unhealthy skin microbiome hence can result in flare ups of eczema. 

The Living Laboratory 

Our focus is on the study of ethnobotany in dermatology. In our quest to create the best facial oil for all skin types, we created a laboratory studying the natural plant based oils in dermatology. Ethnobotany is a field that has increasing potential in dermatology and skincare. We focus on processes that allow purification and distillation of  plant oils from nature. Through research, we uncover the many benefits on the skin microbiome, the skin barrier as well as on aging.

Not all face oils are created equal – how to choose the best facial oil for your skincare needs

Ideal Plant Oil Ratios

The use of face oils has been increasingly popular in the last five years. How do you choose one that will benefit your skincare regimen? Well, not all over the counter face oils will do what it claims. 

There are certain types of plant based oils, which have proven benefits when formulated correctly in its purest form. The selection of oils and evaluation of its origin, has an impact on how effective it will be on skin. 

Dr.TWL Pharmacy is the first skincare pharmacy in Singapore partnering with a dermatologist. The specialist skincare pharmacy offers face oils launched in April 2022 that specifically target the skin microbiome.


Plant Oils
This Pharmacy Exclusive Collection contains carefully selected plant oils for potent microbiome and sebum balancing, as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits for the skin microenvironment.

“In the creation of the face oil collection, we chose sea buckthorn and safflower oils firstly for its anti-inflammatory effects. These oils are among the best facial oils because it also benefits the skin microenvironment. For example, it has potent antimicrobial properties. This means it can suppress bacteria and fungi. This way, it also enhances the natural immunity of the skin,” dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin.

Best facial oil to improve skin barrier function 

The major benefit associated with using plant oils is for skin barrier repair. Many plant oils have a significant proportion of essential fatty acids. At Dr.TWL Pharmacy, we choose our oils with the following criteria:

1. High linoleic acid to oleic acid ratio

These types of facial oils have a superior ability to repair the skin barrier. Certain types of plant oils can have higher amounts of oleic acid which can be irritating to skin. This can negatively affect the skin barrier.

2. How the oils are extracted

It is critical to note the processes used to distill the oil from plants affect the quality of the facial oil. The best facial oil is only as good as how effectively it was extracted from its parent ingredient.

How we stand out as a manufacturer of the best facial oil serums in the market

Dr.TWL Pharmacy Face Oil

The key: our gold standard harvesting and extraction processes. Our essential oil extraction laboratory is ISO 22716 accredited, the gold standard for cosmeceutical manufacturing. It undergoes extraction to ensure high purity without addition of other chemicals or fragrances. This ensures the highest efficacy of the facial oil. 

How do plant oils work to repair the skin barrier? 

It is firstly important to understand the structure of skin. All skincare has to penetrate a skin layer that we know as the stratum corneum.

Skin Barrier Repair
The stratum corneum Is often likened to a brick wall in the study of dermatology. In this model, the bricks are the skin cells known as corneocytes. These bricks are cemented by fatty lipids that glue cells together. 

The ceramide “glue” is critical to maintain the structure of the stratum corneum. This is part of the body’s inherent defense against the external environment. Consequently, without a healthy stratum corneum, the body cannot regulate its internal temperatures. For example, the ideal body temperature is when enzymes important for organ functioning work optimally. 

In addition, an intact skin barrier prevents inflammation. One of the important functions of the skin barrier is to prevent allergens. Environmental allergens include pollutants, house dust mites which penetrate the impaired skin barrier to trigger off an allergic reaction. 

How our face oil serum helps dry sensitive skin 

Dr.TWL Facial Oil

The best facial oil serum contains an ideal fatty acid ratio which helps to restore the integrity of the stratum corneum. Dermatologists refer to ceramide as the gold standard for barrier restoration. Plant based ceramides are in the spotlight in recent years because of its compatibility with the skin barrier. It has additional benefits such as anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

The selected oils incorporated in our face oil serums have a ideal linoleic-oleic acid ratio that helps to repair the skin barrier. 

Omega Oils

Why is the skin barrier important? It is essentially the primary function of skin. If your skin barrier fails, your skin essentially fails. This is very important considering that the skin is the largest organ of the body. Transepidermal water loss is the process by which water from the skin naturally migrates to the external environment. This is due to environmental evaporation. A healthy stratum corneum prevents abnormal trans epidermal water loss. In cases where the skin barrier is impaired, then increased trans epidermal water loss can lead to dry skin conditions such as eczema and sensitivity.

How does our facial oil help scars? 

The best facial oil includes active phytochemical compounds. These can act as “quasi drugs”, meaning they have pharmaceutical properties. The purified sea buckthorn seed oil extract reduces hyperpigmentation. It inhibits melanin and also engulfs free radicals. Free radical damage is the primary mechanism of hyperpigmentation and skin aging. Using a facial oil serum can help to fight free radical damage and repair the skin.

The best facial oil serum is here – targeting both dry and oily skin by balancing sebum production with the perfect lipid ratio

How does our face oil serum help acne? 

Acne Facial Oil

“Acne often associates with excess oil production. However, there is more to acne than just sebum. Essentially, there is an imbalance of the bacteria on the surface of acne prone skin as well as an inability to regulate oil production. Eventually, this can even result in a situation when the sufferer has both oily and dry skin. This is commonly the result of highly irritating acne creams. Examples include pimple creams containing benzoyl peroxide salicylic acid,” shares Dr. Teo.

In our Living Laboratory, we have been studying how certain active plant ingredients can regulate sebum production. This has expanded to include plant oils with an ideal lipid ratio. 

Does it make sense to apply oil if you already have oily skin?

Well, the short answer is yes, but only the correct type of oil. Not all types of oils are suitable. However, what is easy to understand is this. Similar to the idea that even oily skin needs some moisturizer!

Applying a good moisturiser is important in treatment of oily skin. A ceramide dominant moisturiser actually helps to balance out the oil production. Excessively drying products can in fact, bring about a condition known as reactive seborrhea. Reactive seborrhea is when there is a paradoxical increase in oil production because the skin surface undergoes excess dehydration. Our facial oil serum is exactly nature’s formulation to deliver the ideal ratio of beneficial lipids to skin. This hydrates and balances out oil production. At the same time, it reduces inflammation in acne prone skin.

I have rosacea, can I use the facial oil serum in my skincare regimen?

Yes. Cosmeceuticals also known as “quasi-drugs” are beneficial in the treatment of rosacea! There has been no official study linking facial oils to conditions such as rosacea. However we do know that cosmeceuticals for rosacea is an area of growing dermatological research. Essentially, active phytochemical compounds present in plant derived ingredients exert a direct anti- inflammatory effect on rosacea.

Dermatologist-Approved Hypoallergenic Facial Oil Serums 

The plant oils produced in our Living Lab are dermatologist tested. Before the mass market launch, these facial oil serums are trialled in a dermatology practice on selected patient groups with troubled skin. These include those with moderate to severe rosacea and dermatitis. However, if you suffer from rosacea or and or severe dermatitis, or eczema, you will need to consult and review with a board certified dermatologist as over the counter treatment alone is usually not sufficient.

What is present in the facial oil serum?

Phenolic compounds are the key here. Phenols are present in all plant based oils in different concentrations, hence not all are of the same benefit. The most well known is olive oil, which is established in terms of its health benefits. Grapeseed oil, an active component in our cosmeceutical skincare, is also known to contain high amounts of phenols. 

Triterpenes are especially noteworthy. These can enhance tissue repair, wound healing this means that it can improve scarring. In fact, they are precursors to medicinal anti-flammatory steroids. Except triterpenes are naturally occurring in these plant formulas when extracted, without side effects! This is why our active ingredients in our cult favourite moisturiser Multi-CERAM work together to exert an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces reliance on steroids in eczema patients. 

Triterpenes regulate the production of reactive oxygen species

These are the free radicals that result due to environmental damage and aging. Application of our facial oil serum improves the wound healing microenvironment. This is especially critical for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation and scarring. 

The best technique of applying facial oil serum

How to use Facial Oil

Knowing how to apply your face oils is also very critical. Here are Dr.TWL’s dermatologist tips on how to effectively incorporate face oils into your skincare regimen. 

A little goes a long way

Using the dropper, draw out a full drop. The reference level is indicated here.

Squeezing the dropper gently, evenly distribute over the cheeks. The dropper is designed to release small amounts. Use the Rose Quartz Jade Roller to massage the oil. Starting over the cheeks, then the forehead, sides of the nose and finishing with the chin and neck. 

How to adjust the amount

After 1 week of use, assess your skin’s reaction in terms of whether it is sufficient to regulate the oil production.

For combination/oily skin types you should notice your skin becoming less greasy. If you do not observe improvement, reduce application to half a drop for at least 3 months. You should also include our other pharmacy recommendations for oil control. You may also consult with a board-certified dermatologist who will assess if you need prescription medications.

For dry skin types If you find that your skin remains dry, you may increase to 2 full drops, focussing on the excessively dry areas. 

For active dermatological conditions such as cystic acne, rosacea, severe eczema and dermatitis, discuss with your dermatologist on how best to incorporate these into your regimen. 

 Our Living Lab researches and tests a variety plant oils specifically for its hypoallergenic properties. These are also in use at a dermatology practice on patients with problem skin such as eczema, rosacea and acne. However, if you have a history of sensitivities, dermatologists recommend a patch test* for all new skincare products. 

*apply a very small amount on an area of unbroken, intact skin i.e. on the underside of your jaw or on the inner part of your forearm overnight.

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