Jade Roller Rose Quartz For Use With Cosmeceuticals – Increased Serum Absorption



[Material] Certified 100% Grade AAA Rose Quartz guaranteed. Individual raw quartz pieces* harvested from Brazil. Twelve hours of pure machine polishing to produce the smoothest stones for use on the face, including the delicate undereye. Hand-selected by skilled artisans. Dermatologist approved. 

*As the roller is made from natural stone, the roller may contain small imperfections including mineral spots and surface unevenness which make each roller unique.

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[Increased cosmeceutical absorption]

[Ergonomic, noise-free use]

[Cooling effect]

Read more about the use of jade facial rollers to enhance skincare absorption here.


Does the roller help in firming and lifting beside increase in products absorption?

Yes, it does.

Can the roller be used with any brands and types of skincare products?

Yes. However, we recommend our skincare cosmeceuticals for best results. For a limited time, all roller purchases come with a free 7 day discovery kit and Dr. Teo’s book on skincare. Key in <7DAYBOOK> in Order Notes to redeem the free gift.

Is the roller used after applying all skincare products?

The best time for usage is right after cleansing, before applying your face serum and other skincare.

How long do we need to use the roller on our face?

3-5 minutes is suggested.

Can the roller be used everyday twice a day?

Yes, it can.

Do we need to wash the roller with soap and water before using or can it be used immediately? Can soap be substituted with facial wash or hand wash?

Yes, you may use it immediately if it was washed after the previous use, and facial/hand wash can be used.

Can we use baby wipes to clean the roller?

Yes, you may.

Is it a must to clean the roller with soap and water after every use?

Cleaning with soap and water is recommended, but not necessarily.

Do we need to store the roller in a fridge?

No necessarily.


For use with Elixir-V™ Total Recovery Serum and Radiancé Fluide™ Hydrating Emulsion Sleeping Mask.

Start with the bottom of the face—specifically the center of the chin—and work your way up, rolling outward across the jaw and up toward the ear. Using light pressure, perform similar outward and upward strokes from the centre of the face and forehead towards the sides and work upwards from the décolleté.

For acne scars and pigmentation, use the small roller head to roll over the affected area for 30 seconds before application of Elixir-V™ Total Recovery Serum. 

[Precautions] Not to use on areas with active inflamed acne, eczema and rosacea. Consult your dermatologist if in doubt.

[Care] After each use, wash in warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly before storage.


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