Edible Lip-Cheek Stain

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Happy Blush- Now in Stick Form
With Edible Beauty book launch by Dr. Teo Wan Lin. This rosette tip Lip-Cheek Stain is handcrafted with the purest edible ingredients to deliver intense, brilliant pigment buildable for a natural glow on your lips and cheeks. Handy and compact in a sleek UV-Protective Silvexia Lipstick casing, this latest formula is updated with blue-light blocking Astaxanthin, as well as mood-boosting Crocus Sativa, for a much needed endorphin rush.

Because being beautiful is being happy too


100% Mineral Pigments Without Bulking Agents
Bismuth Oxychloride(BMO)/Talc-free
FDA Lip Approved

[Cosmeceutical Base]

Phytoceramides [All-day Hydration]
Purified Salmon Roe DNA [Anti-Wrinkle, Regeneration]
Vitamin E [Natural Anti-oxidant]
100% Pure Mineral Pigment [Long-Lasting]


[Mood Boosting] [Anti-Fatigue] Plant-derived extract boosts Serotonin
[Crocus Sativa/Saffron Extract] Moisturising¹, Lightens Pigmentation², Anti-Oxidant
[Astaxanthin] Blocks blue light

The magic begins with our solid-state stain which melts upon application into a smooth, light & fresh lip-cheek serum that anti-ages and rejuvenates. The phytoceramides and salmon roe DNA infused in the serum deeply moisturises skin while preventing lip discolouration, wrinkles and loss of volume associated with UV-damage and ageing. Once applied, the formula transforms into a custom finish that adjusts to your skin tone and the moisture levels in your cheeks and lips. Wearing it on your lips is even easier—just swipe it on and go! The tint stays put all day and can be layered for a more intense effect, depending on your preference.

Edible Lipstick with Cosmeceutical Benefits 
Skincare Makeup for Sensitive Skin

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Apply a small amount of the stain onto each cheek and blend with your fingertips. The formula is based off a unique microcrystal encapsulation technology to release phytoceramides which  react with your skin’s existing moisture level, transforming into your perfect shade of blush. From subtle to dramatic, the blush melts onto skin to showcase a natural flush. Apply on your lips for a burst of your natural lip colour.

Recommended for use with our CellTalk™ Cosmeceutical CC Cream. Customisation of the CC cream is available, find out more here.

Our lip-cheek colours have a one-of-a-kind, stunning finish. Our Advanced Colour Science System applies algorithmic titrations of mineral pigments and natural luminescence to your chosen colour. This gives a subtle, flattering finish that varies with lighting throughout the day, taking you from office to date-night.


What does the Edible Lip-Cheek Stain do?
The Edible Lip-Cheek Stain is a novel, high pigment phytoceramide formula consisting of 100% edible ingredients to deliver both antioxidant benefits for your skin and your lips, and also intense moisture barrier repair function. It combines the practicality of a lipstick which can be used on the go in a compact form, with the functionality of a blush applicator, requiring nothing but your fingers for perfect blending.

Is it safe to eat the Edible Lip-Cheek Stain?
Yes, the Edible Lip-Cheek Stain is a fully food-based formula with the pigments derived from pure mineral pigments, FDA approved for the eyes and lips. It also contains a nutrient known as Astaxanthin, which gives our Lip-Cheek Stain its unique shade of pinkish coral to flatter every skin tone, and also boosts the antioxidant benefits of this carotenoid.

However, this Lip-Cheek Stain is not meant for direct consumption, although you can be fully assured that in this case, this lipstick can be eaten.

How is the Edible Lip-Cheek Stain good for my skin?
The Edible Lip-Cheek Stain is good for skin and the lips for the following reasons. Firstly, it contains phytoceramides which mimic the skin’s natural lipids, restoring barrier function. For your cheeks, it ensures that it has that dewy glow with buildable pigment from just a small amount of product. When applied onto the lips, it leaves a delicious, luscious hue which can be as light as a balm, but buildable to maximum intensity. Besides, the latest formulation contains blue-light blocking and potent antioxidant Astaxanthin, and also the mood booster Crocus Sativa, which enhances your body’s natural serotonin levels. Because being happy is also being beautiful.

What makes the Edible Lip-Cheek Stain different?
Every stick is different as it is hand-crafted by our trained lip lab technicians, each with a rosette tip that is just slightly imperfect and unique. Just like we are all imperfectly beautiful and different.

Each piece is made-to-order with the freshest produce, titrated to your desired shade and intensity. It is also refillable: bring back your UV protective Silvexia Lipstick casing for a refill once you are done.

What is so special about this Blush Stick?
The Happy Blush Stick is designed as a multifunctional 2-in-1 stick that combines both lipstick color as well as blush in a single product that fits into your makeup case or your handbag. The Blush Stick is a convenient way of application, without using any brushes, that you can apply on the go. Due to its formula, the Blush Stick is a buildable tint that can also be as intense as you would like it to be. It is smooth and easily blendable with just your fingertips. It is also good for your skin with moisturising phytoceramides suitable for those with eczema and sensitive skin. The Happy Blush Stick is particularly suitable for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation, as it blocks blue light which can worsen hyperpigmentation. The best Blush Stick for all your needs is here.

1. Sustainability – Multifunctional Makeup
The Happy Blush Stick is a prototype developed by the Dr.TWL Custom Lip Lab, with a multifunctional aspect essentially centered on creating a single makeup item that can be used for both the cheeks and the lips with formulas that deliver the required cosmetic effects. In this case, there is an added benefit of it being buildable in intensity, requiring just one single product which saves not just space in your makeup bag but also the environment. The Happy Blush Stick is housed in a refillable Sylvexia™ packaging in the form of a lipstick case, that allows you to refill it after your makeup is fully used up.

2. Skincare Makeup Benefits
Skincare makeup with benefits is the key principle in formulation of the Happy Blush Stick, containing Astaxanthin and Crocus Sativa, which have anti inflammatory antioxidant effects to reduce free radical damage when applied over the cheeks as a blush. It also helps to treat and prevent pigmentation, which is commonest on the cheeks as a result of photo-aging. When applied on the lips, it’s nourishing Phytoceramides formula helps to repair the delicate mucosal barrier, and at the same time, minute doses of edible Crocus Sativa (Saffron Extract) and a superfood Astaxanthin, which is a carotenoid giving your immune system an added boost and also enhances the happy hormone endorphins.