Find Out About The Deep Sea Secrets of This Facial Mist

Always need a little perk-me-up on a blazing, humid afternoon? Facial mists are currently in the rage, it is the latest beauty obsession that gets tossed into handbags and added to workplace tables. Refreshing and versatile, mists are the newest incorporation into our skincare routines.

Some who are skeptical may not be so trusting of the hydration abilities a facial mist can bring. Are they just fancy water in a can, cooling and refreshing on a hot day (or every day, if you are in Singapore). Indeed, not all facial mists are created equal. Scrutinize the ingredients before you commit to a bottle of mist, and look out for those with dual function of repairing and refreshing.

Ingredient Spotlight: Purified Deep-Sea Water

Deep-sea water is understood as a body of seawater pumped from a depth of over 200m. It is a promising ingredient as it has a plethora of benefits: high purity, nutrition and stability.

Deep-sea water is also rich in natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc and vanadium. The ability to hold various minerals can be attributed to low levels of photosynthesis from plant planktons, low consumption of nutrients whilst accompanied by organic decomposition.

Minerals in deep sea water

Minerals such as magnesium are essential for physiological processes, such as enzyme functions and metabolism of energy, while calcium aids bone development and density. Magnesium is often integrated into skincare products due to its ability to heal wounds and fight inflammation. As deep-sea water has a high concentration of magnesium, the benefits of this mineral is delivered through deep sea water.

Topical application of magnesium can help fight atopic dermatitis, or eczema, by restoring moisture and lipids to the skin. Skin inflammation in dry skin is reduced with magnesium.

How does eczema develop?

According to Dr.Teo Wan Lin, a dermatologist from TWL Specialist Skin and Laser Centre, “The development of atopic dermatitis, or eczema is complex and involves genetic, environmental and immunological factors. Generally, eczema is an inflammation of the skin that is accompanied by activated immune cells, mainly macrophages.”

These macrophages increase inflammatory responses when activated, such as secretion of cytokines, production of chemical mediators and the generative of reactive oxygen species.

A chemical called histamine regulates allergic inflammatory reaction. In elevated levels, it can contribute to inflammatory allergies and promotes neoplasia and angiogenesis. Angiogenesis would lead to the migration of inflammatory cells into surrounding tissues, while neoplasia is the formulation of abnormal tissue.

Treating eczema with purified deep-sea water

Patients with atopic dermatitis have shown improvement in skin symptoms when treated with deep sea water. Symptoms such as inflammation, lichenification and cracking of the skin have improved results. Lichenification is a common consequence due to constant scratching, causes patches of thickened skin.

Inflammatory reactions caused by macrophages and histamine can also be controlled when infiltration of inflammatory cells decreases, reducing the severity of eczema. Symptoms such as skin lesions, dryness, itching and water loss can be reduced when treated with deep-sea water. A topical application of deep-sea water can be useful to prevent the development of atopic dermatitis.

Fun fact: Bathing with deep sea water has also been proven to inhibit symptoms of atopic dermatitis with its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects. Of course, we may not see such an option readily available as a form of treatment for eczema as it is not likely to be cost-efficient.

A facial mist that contains purified deep-sea water

After all that talk on science, allow us to go back to focus on facial mist. The Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals Mineral Booster™ contains purified deep-sea water harvested from 600 meters below the sea depth (yes, the normal depth for deep sea water would be 200 meters), with a single column pipe to preserve purity.

Apart from its impressive healing and repairing abilities, the Mineral Booster is also light and refreshing for when you meet those sleepy, mid-afternoon slumps at your office chair. For those who suffer from eczema, and are cautious about the products that go on your face, we are here to tell you that this Mineral Booster is absolutely safe for your skin condition, so spritz on!

The Mineral Booster also gives your face the extra oomph of hydration on the go, keeping dry skin at bay. Spraying it as the last step in your skincare routine and before makeup will seal in the moisture and leave a dewier skin look. This mist also serves as an additional shield against sun damage as it contains potent plant root extracts that can protect skin against UV rays. Keep in mind that it is additional protection, so don’t leave the sunscreen out of your routine.

Lastly, if you are swayed by the benefits that purified deep sea water can bring, you would be pleased to know that we have another product that carries this prized ingredient too: Le Lait™ Milk Cleanser.

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