Skin Analyser Moisture

Skin Analyzer to Best Track Your Skin Condition

What do you track in your life? For me, I track my sleep hours and it helps me get a gist of how my sleep cycle affects my emotional and physical health. And then after, I would know the next step to take in order to maintain or get my health…
Anti-Ageing Skincare Tips Singapore Dermatologist

Anti Ageing Skincare at Home - 7 FAQs to a Dermatologist

In this era of COVID and Circuit Breaker in Singapore, our team at the dermatology clinic TWL Specialist Skin and Laser Centre has been busier than ever with queries on how regular laser, chemical peel and aesthetic treatments can be taken…
Skincare Vitamins Dermatologist Singapore

Skincare Vitamins - Singapore Dermatologist Insights

Heard of Vitamin K and E? The world of beauty seems abuzz with these skincare vitamins which we never really noticed, until now. Is this fact or fad? If you ever had a question about your skin and skincare, here’s a tip —ask a dermatologist.…
Ultraviolet Skin Damage Dermatologist Singapore Skincare

Ultraviolet Skin Damage At Home

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, staying home all day through is becoming the increasing norm. Without the sunny outdoors, it intuitively feels like ultraviolet skin damage is not possible. Should we then tone down on our daily skincare?…
Blue Light Skin Damage Dermatologist Singapore Skincare

Blue Light Skin Damage - 10 FAQ to a Dermatologist

With COVID-19-stay-home measures in force, the amount of time we spend in front of our blue-light-emitting devices is increasing exponentially. We speak to our dermatologist, Dr Teo Wan-Lin, to learn more about blue light and the potential…
Home Facial Kit Dermatologist Designed Medifacial Oily Acne Skin

Home Facial Kit - Frequently Asked Questions on the SilkPeel

What is the SilkPeel Home Facial Kit?Is it the same device used in the clinic, e.g. Hydrafacial?In our partner dermatologist clinic, TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre, we use a much larger commercial machine than our home facial…
Dermatologist Pimple Cream Singapore

Dermatologist Pimple Cream with 3 secret ingredients for effective acne spot treatment

Have you heard about our latest dermatologist pimple cream? We have engineered the Blemish Spot Cream with ingredients from natural botanicals to specifically target the prevention of acne breakouts and treat acne. Read on to find out more…