Best Facial Mist – Hydration on the Go

Q: What is your beauty routine to keep yourself looking gorgeous and what do you do to stay in shape?
A: Honestly, I’m not the prettiest looking girl nor the kind that will spend a lot of time trying to look perfect. I just wash my face every day and eat clean as much as I can. At night I will do squats and push-ups and sometimes I’ll go for a long jog.
Q: What does beauty mean to you?
A: It is very subjective. To me…a person who is confident in the inside and embrace themselves for who they are… now that is my kind of beauty.
Q: Share with us 3 essentials in your closet?
A: A statement piece jacket that spices up the whole look of the outfit.
A pair of shades to not just avoid the sun but also eye contact and stares from strangers. Haha.
An oversized graphic tee shirt that you can never go wrong.
Q: What do you hope to gain/achieve in the contest?
A: Gaining experiences and friendships. Learning how to be better at modelling, working with people and taking better care of my own skin.
Q: How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?
A: To me, the equation for success is: doing what you love + doing an awesome job + blessing others.
I believe that we all are created differently and uniquely for a reason. If i can bring something new to the table, challenge the boundaries of standards/norm and bring hope, I think I have succeeded.
Q. What makes you a butterfly beauty?
I have my own personality and I’m genuine as a person. I don’t try to fit into society’s standards because I know that I’m beautiful on the inside and on the outside, I’m beautiful just the way I am.
Q. What are your 3 favourite products in the 7-Day Recovery Kit?
Miel Honey Cleanser – I love the smell of it and the freshness I have after washing my face.
Hyaluronic Acid – By touch, I can feel the serum is very concentrated. It is very moisturizing. and after applying and it felt as though the serum went in and was absorbed by the skin.
Hydrating Emulsion – I love the fact that it gives a radiant glow to my skin after applying. Which means I can choose to go without makeup, if not it can be used as a makeup base too.

Mineral Booster™

Our Mineral Booster™ contains purified deep-sea water harvested from 600 meters below the sea depth with a single column pipe to preserve purity.

Apart from its impressive healing and repairing abilities, the Mineral Booster is also light and refreshing for when you meet those sleepy, mid-afternoon slumps at your office chair. For those who suffer from eczema, and are cautious about the products that go on your face, we are here to tell you that this Mineral Booster is absolutely safe for your skin condition, so spritz on!

The Mineral Booster also gives your face the extra oomph of hydration on the go, keeping dry skin at bay. Spraying it as the last step in your skincare routine and before makeup will seal in the moisture and leave a dewier skin look. This mist also serves as an additional shield against sun damage as it contains potent plant root extracts that can protect skin against UV rays. Keep in mind that it is additional protection, so don’t leave the sunscreen out of your routine.