Perfect Sunscreen for Singapore’s Weather

Crowned Miss World Singapore 2017, @laanya_ezraa joins us as the next #drtwlface finalist. Laanya shares her insights on beauty and confidence in this interview, and the importance of great skin.

Q: What is your beauty routine to keep yourself looking gorgeous and what do you do to stay in shape?

A: I keep my beauty routine really simple! Mostly have my mom to thank for reinforcing the cleanse, tone and moisturising routine, as well as hitting the genetic lottery for not too problematic skin!

I don’t confuse my face too much with heavy chemicals and different products. Aside from making sure I take care of my derma layer, I do watch what I eat! I say diet and hydration plays a very important role in ensuring suppleness and radiance of the skin.

To stay in shape I do a bunch of different sports. I use to play Basketball frequently as a sport before transitioning to trying other sports such as boxing and hiking! I am mostly obsessed with adrenaline and I will do any type of sport that challenges me and allow me to sweat a bucket load!

Q: What does beauty mean to you?

A: Beauty to me is strength. In this day and age, we are bombarded with so many different types adversities, social complexities and the dire need to conform to mainstream aesthetics to fit in. To be able to rise above all of that and believe that you are good enough is so rare to witness these days. It sounds cliche and easier said than done, but that confidence for me is truly admirable as opposed to self-loathing behaviour.

Q: Share with us 3 essentials in your closet?

A: I actually do have a few essentials but my main 3 would be:

  1. My power suit, which consists of tailored pants that sit around my waist and a nice fitted jacket.
  2. My little black dress which I know I can always spice up with various pieces of accessories! I love wearing an outfit more than one way! So this is a staple.
  3. Last but not least, a scarf! You can’t go wrong when you add a scarf to any simple outfit! A finishing touch that never fails to add flavour yet maintain elegance/class to the final look.

Q: What do you hope to gain/achieve in the contest?

A: I hope to gain more insight/perspective on skin care as I am a huge fan of skin maintenance and I don’t want to say this without sounding like I have an issue, but I am obsessed with great skin! My confidence has stemmed from having clear skin thus far! But you know, I will never take for granted this “blessing”, so I am hoping to find ways to prolong the magic of having youthful skin!

Q: How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own

A: This is a toughie! I struggle with defining my success because I have been trying to not associate it so much with monetary accomplishments. It has been proven difficult given that we do live in a world where the currency of happiness is in dollar signs.

However, I do have to say that recently, I have made the effort to measure my success with immediate goals such as being able to wake up on time and ensuring that I complete an assignment within my scheduled time frame etc! So the most immediate goals or the simpler things that add up to the bigger picture in terms of consistency and building character is what I am focusing on and the results are easy to measure because it’s an intrinsic evaluation. I feel more accomplished when I know I have attained what I’ve set my heart and mind to get done.

Q: What makes you a butterfly beauty?

A: Its essentially in the transformation of the butterfly that I know I can associate myself with. A caterpillar shows no sign of turning into a butterfly in its early stages. Just as the caterpillar might feel like its the end, it transforms into a  magnificent butterfly and conquers the world with its newfound strength and evolution.

With time and pressure, I believe that I will evolve into a butterfly beauty, ready to take over with my new found perspective and radiance. Also, with amazing skin! Anything is possible with great skin

Q: What are your 3 favourite products in the 7-Day Recovery Kit?

A: This is easy! The first would be the Honey Cleanser because it’s so easy on my skin! The next would be the hyaluronic acid to plump my skin and finally the Radiance Fluid Hydrating Emulsion to keep my face looking radiant without the need for any makeup!

Love and Light,
Laanya x


Keep our SunProtector™ with you at all times to reapply every two hours. This dermatologist-approved sunscreen has an SPF rating of 50 and is broad spectrum. It is also light-weight, perfect for Singapore’s weather.

The effects of photoaging can be lasting and hard to rectify, but it is always easier to start earlier. Hyperpigmentation can be improved with regular sunscreen use. The SunProtector also contains collagen hydrolysate, known for cell regeneration. This collagen acts as a ‘glue’ among skin cells in photodamaged areas, allowing the skin to recover from injury.

According to Dr. Teo Wan Lin, a dermatologist at TWL Specialist Skin and Laser Centre, “We get sunburn as a reaction caused by exposure to the sun’s invisible UV radiation. Molecules in our skin, especially our DNA, can get damaged by the energy of the radiation. A sunburn is our body’s way of telling us that too much UV rays have been absorbed.”

When we are sunburnt, our body releases a type of pigment called melanin. This pigment works to protect cells from more damage. Melanin, as a natural sunscreen, will then absorb the UV rays and release it as heat.

To avoid excessive sun damage, do remember to cover up and apply sunscreen liberally.