Top 3 Best Hair Brush for Frizzy Hair in Singapore

A Complete Guide to Taming Frizzy Hair in Singapore with the Best Hair Brush

DR.TWL™ SILK BRUSH For 360 Intensive Cuticle Repair 
The Best Anti-Static, Anti-Frizz, Straightening Hair Brush

A well designed hair brush is a must have in your haircare routine. How do you go about choosing the best hair brush for your needs? Look no further. Dr.TWL Pharmacy’s haircare and grooming section has an entire range of fine wooden combs and the best hair brushes for beautiful and healthy hair everyday. We dedicate ourselves to the most innovative and compelling designs for the best hair brush for your everyday needs. Here are our pharmacy’s top picks for your brand new hair brush.

1. Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush

This is the latest 2022 new launch from our Dr.TWL Biomaterials division. A comb with fibres that instantly neutralises frizz, with microessence infused into the bristles to nourish and seal the cuticle. This tool instantly eliminates frizz in humid Singapore. Whether your hair is long, short, thick, thin, straight or wavy, this is the best hair brush for every hair type. Check out the before / after results in the video below. 

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Fun fact: This video was filmed with a tower fan blowing at the user at full speed, creating flyaways and frizz, which was immediately neutralised with the Silk Hair Brush. It was used on dry hair without any styling products like hair sprays or waxes, as you can see the hair moves freely. This is the ideal result for beautiful healthy hair – an airy voluminous appearance, smooth and without frizz.

2. Sandalore Hair Brush

This cult favourite should be used as part of your basic haircare regimen. Its hygienic bamboo bristles are infused with Sandalore, a synthetic fragrance that has been found to stimulate the smell receptors of the scalp! Research has shown that the olfactory receptors of the scalp are stimulated when exposed to synthetic Sandalore [1,2], stimulating collagen production hair regrowth.

3. Wooden Bamboo Paddle Brush

If you need to have just one basic brush and comb for all your haircare needs, this is it. The best basic wooden paddle brush to have on your vanity table. Made of sustainable schima wood and natural bamboo, it has an elastic base that ensures no traction or breakage while you brush your hair. Unlike plastic hair brushes, this hair brush is usable on wet as well as dry hair. It is the best value hair brush in our pharmacy – use it on wet hair to detangle in the shower and to spread your conditioner evenly. After drying your hair, use it to deliver the best scalp massage for better circulation- for stronger and thicker hair!

Gentle Detangling Bamboo Brush with Scalp Serum Essence
Regular use of the Gentle Detangling Bamboo Brush on both wet and dry hair will promote healthy hair cuticle and scalp. Use with the LipiSilk & LipiGro Scalp Serum Essence for hair shaft repair and hair growth.

Hair brushing does not just affect the health of your hair shaft but also your scalp. In particular, the act of brushing your hair stimulates blood circulation on the scalp. A good hair brush with bristles that do not damage the hair shaft can help to produce a massaging effect. improved blood circulation then leads to increased growth of hair on the scalp. 

The best hair brush can help tame frizzy hair in Singapore

Most importantly hair brushes help to tame flyaway hair and frizzy hair. Hair is made up of dead keratin, so the main way to control the hair appearance is with either styling or physical methods like neutralising static electricity. 

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Hair brushes are not the same: find the best one for your everyday needs with Dr.TWL Pharmacy 

It is important to keep your hair from becoming matted or tangled. Matted hair will result in breakage- besides being a real nuisance daily.

In order to keep hair well brushed and neat, use only the best quality hair brushes.

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“It may seem counterintuitive to invest in a simple tool like a hairbrush, especially when we are bombarded with advertisements for expensive hair dryers and straighteners. However, it is important to realise that dermatologists emphasise that the hair shaft is made of dead keratin – so the health of the scalp is what determines healthy hair appearance first. Hair brushing is a simple but effective way to redistribute oils on the scalp to the rest of the hair shaft, healing the cuticle. It also prevents build up of excess oil which can increase the risk of developing scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, an itchy oily scalp condition common in Singapore’s humid weather. It also improves scalp circulation- hair brushing is an effective form of scalp massage. This is what will stimulate hair regrowth,” accredited Singapore dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin

The second most important aspect about achieving beautiful hair is this – as hair composes of dead material, it can subject to physical treatments to modify its appearance. This is why heat therapy and styling sprays and waxes are the main ways to groom and treat frizzy hair. 

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The Best Hair Brush to Combat Frizz in Singapore Weather – by Dr.TWL Biomaterials

 “New research shows that the outermost protective layer of hair, known as the cuticle, plays a more complex role than we imagined previously. Based in Singapore, our pharmacy creates solutions for haircare in a humid tropical climate, which poses a unique set of challenges for all hair types. Expats who move to Singapore quickly discover that the heat and humidity is the perfect haven for frizzy hair, which is incredibly challenging to tame on an everyday basis. This is why our research focuses on recreating the ideal microenvironment for frizz-free smooth and healthy looking hair,” Dr. Teo Wan Lin.

Heard of the skin microenvironment: now here’s the latest research on the hair shaft microenvironment that is responsible for frizz!

The best hair brush for frizzy hair is here! We develop the Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush for those struggling with frizzy hair in Singapore. Based on the latest in hair science, the brush utilises fibres that neutralise static to create the optimal microenvironment to tame frizzy hair in a humid climate. See the video below for real life proof – no waxes, spray, styling products or heat required.

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Understanding Hair Brushes: Shape, Material, Size 

Natural Boar Bristle or Synthetic Bristle Paddle Brushes

Hair brushes come in various shapes and sizes for different hair lengths and hair types. The traditional paddle brush is the commonest form of hairbrush. The material can compose of natural bristles or synthetic bristles. Natural bristle hair brushes commonly use boar hair. However, animal welfare issues aside, boar bristle hair brushes also pose certain issues with upkeep and hygiene. The reason is because these bristles, being a fully natural material, are prone to microorganism growth. They are also not suitable for thin fine hair types. In Singapore’s humid weather, germs such as fungi and bacteria can easily grow on the boar bristles.  They can also be difficult to clean. 

We consider the paddle brush design to be the most classic style because it allows for ergonomic handling. It can also be used during blow drying to hold hair in place. 

Gentle Detangling Bamboo Paddle Brush For Wet/Dry Hair. Suitable for Sensitive Scalp, Fine/Damaged Hair, Hair Loss.

Take care when choosing synthetic materials for hair brushes. Metal bristles may tear fragile hair. Plastic bristles can increase static electricity. Bristles that can flex and deform according to movement are less likely to cause hair breakage while brushing.

Vented hair brushes allow hot air to pass through and are used in heat styling with hair dryers.

Detangling brushes are those commonly that fit into a palm size and have flexible bristles made of plastic that can bend and hence will not damage the hair during combing. 

Traditional wooden hair brushes are our favorite all round basic hair brush for general detangling needs. Our bamboo wooden paddle brush has an advantage over other synthetic brushes as the natural wood bristles reduce static electricity and helps detangle without breaking hair.  It is also gentle on both the scalp, providing an elastic cushion that massages the scalp.

Discover the best hair brush for frizzy hair in Singapore

Discover Smart Flex Bristles Hair Brush
A novel hair brush by Dr TWL Biomaterials with Dr.TWL™ SILK Fibres to smoothen and seal the cuticle instantly, removes static electricity and eliminates frizz.

The Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush A novel synthetic hair brush by Dr.TWL Biomaterials utilises a specially treated elastomer infused with keratin and amino acid based microessences to heal the cuticle. The SMART THERMOFLEX bristles naturally mould to your hair texture, volume and way of brushing so that there is no breakage when combing. We engineer the silk hair brush with fibres that naturally block static discharge and neutralise ions that cause frizzy hair.

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Why you need to use a hair brush 

The best designed hair brush can help to improve scalp and hair health. Depending on the material of the hair brush bristles, it can also help eliminate frizz and flyaway hair.  

Sandalore Hair Loss Treatment Comb

Differences between a comb and a brush 

A hair brush is different from a comb. A comb is a flat 2-dimensional tool that is best for detangling hair. Always use a hair brush suited for your hair type after detangling. It can help to redistribute oil from your scalp to your hair shaft. This helps you have glossy shiny hair. On the other hand, for those with thin, limp hair, correct hair brushing can increase the volume of hair. A brush is a 3-dimensional tool that has an ergonomic design for the hair brushing action. Brush your hair from the roots for optimal scalp stimulation. 

The main differences are in the structure and function. The function of a comb is to detangle when hair is wet. It can also be used for a quick tidying up of partings and help for grooming. Combs are also used to apply and smoothen styling products such as hair sprays and waxes. A hair brush adds volume, supports hair during blow drying and neatens hair effectively. 

How to get rid of frizzy hair in Singapore

Best Hair Brush for Frizzy Hair

Most people use heat or chemicals to treat frizzy hair. Heat styling from hair irons and hair dryers damage the outer layer of the hair known as the cuticle. Using more hair conditioner does not help frizzy hair due to climate factors such as high humidity in Singapore. It is a myth that only chemically damaged hair can be frizzy. Although damaged hair has a higher tendency to develop frizz because of an unhealthy cuticle.

The best way to combat frizzy hair is not just to ensure a healthy hair shaft, from using the ideal hair conditioner suited for your hair type, and also to use correct styling and grooming tools. Styling waxes and products can cause hair to be stiff and is suitable only for photo shoots, whereas daily hair styling should be neat and easy to manage. This is where the best hair brush can make the difference if you live in humid Singapore.

Hair Conditioners and Masks

Why is my hair frizzy in Singapore 

Frizz is a complex issue. Personal genetics determine the type of hair you have. Asian hair for those living in Singapore also differs. Chinese tend to have straight thick and coarse hair. Malays and Indians may have curly, wavy hair that ends up becoming “frizzy” because of wrong conditioners, hair brushes and also Singapore’s humid weather. The high humidity interacts with different hair types. In particular, the worst affected tend to be those with naturally fine hair. We can treat the cuticle to improve those with frizzy hair due to chemical or heat damage. 

How does hair damage cause frizzy hair?

The cuticle is best thought of as a protective layer that shields the hair shaft from the environment. When it is damaged, it is likely that hair loses its natural shine, texture and movement. The humidity can cause static electricity to build up, causing a messy, wiry hair appearance. 

Frizzy hair solutions

The best way is to first establish a haircare routine for healthy hair and scalp. The second important thing is to invest in a good hair brush instead of using heat treatments like hair irons, which further damage the cuticle. These also have to be fixed with hair sprays in order to stay frizz free. 

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The Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush utilises fibres that immediately  neutralises hair static while infusing microessences into the cuticle to smoothen and nourish the hair shaft.

The Best Dermatologist Guide to Hair Brushes 

Should I use combs or hair brushes?

Combs are a two dimensional flat shaped tool that is best used to detangle wet hair, for example in the shower. The tapered teeth of combs allows for easy detangling of frizzy hair. Hair brushes are more ergonomic and have multiple smaller teeth without tapered ends mounted on an elastic cushion base that allows for a scalp massaging function while combing through hair. Hair brushes must be used for proper hair grooming as they tackle a large volume of hair and are essential to stimulate scalp circulation. 

Dermatologist’s top tips for beautiful hair 

How does the best hair brush design help frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair is due to an interaction of the outermost layer of the hair shaft, known as the cuticle, with the environment. The hair cuticle is increasingly understood to be a complex structure. A healthy hair cuticle protects the hair from the external environment. It also interacts with environmental factors such as heat and humidity and creates either a smooth glossy appearance or a frizzy one. The ideal hair brush design such as the Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush is based on static electrical discharge that effectively neutralises the hair microenvironment to eliminate frizz. It also contains microessences of amino acids that help to repair the cuticle.

Silk Hair Brush Microessence

How does the cuticle affect appearance of hair? Is frizzy hair due to hair damage?

A healthy cuticle is essential for beautiful, shiny, glossy, and strong hair. Frizzy hair can be a sign of damaged hair. It can also be a direct result of living in tropical humid climates like Singapore. Even healthy hair can appear frizzy because of the high humidity. 

What is the best way to get rid of frizzy hair in Singapore?

How do salon treatments work for frizzy hair? Disadvantages of using heat or chemical treatment for frizzy hair

There is no easy solution. Traditional methods of taming frizzy hair include chemical treatments such as rebonding or relaxing to destroy the natural bonds in the hair shaft. However, these methods result in hair that may not be frizzy but also lacks volume and natural movement.

 For those who have flat limp hair this is not a good solution! If you have thinning hair or hair loss,  relaxing or rebonding treatments will reduce the hair volume further. It will likely result in worsening hair loss due to breakage. 

Is frizzy hair and damaged hair the same?

Sometimes frizzy hair is also a result of chemical and heat induced damage. Use of hair dryers at high temperatures over prolonged periods can cause hair to become brittle. Harsh shampoos, chlorine in swimming pool water, chemical treatments like perming relaxing hair dyes, bleaching can all damage the hair cuticle. This reduces the ability of the cuticle to withstand environmental stresses. This can result in frizzy hair. 

Why is the Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush the best hair brush for frizzy hair?

The best hair brush design based on new technologies in biomaterials development 

If you find that your hair is extremely frizzy in Singapore weather, the real reason is our near 90% humidity levels. The best hairbrush for frizzy hair is the 2022 newly launched Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush which is designed for those living in Singapore and also want to avoid chemical or heat treatments.

Watch the Proof

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Take a look at this video where we demonstrate how frizzy hair or tangled hair is instantly tamed just by brushing!

The science behind the Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush

Stop using heat treatment for frizzy hair because it damages the hair shaft further- and will not stop frizz without heavy styling products! Ultimately this can lead to hair loss via hair breakage. Hair sprays and heavy styling products like hair waxes are not just bad for the environment, but also uncomfortable in a humid country and unsustainable on a regular daily basis. We engineer the Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush with a special silk fiber that eliminates static electricity upon contact with hair. It does not require charging or require heat, such as a hairdryer or a hair straightener. The hair brush bristles are infused with micro essences derived from marine sources. By brushing your hair, it helps to nourish the hair cuticle. 


1. Chéret J, Bertolini M, Ponce L, Lehmann J, Tsai T, Alam M, Hatt H, Paus R. Olfactory receptor OR2AT4 regulates human hair growth. Nat Commun. 2018 Sep 18;9(1):3624. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-05973-0. PMID: 30228264; PMCID: PMC6143528. [PubMed]

2. Jimenez F, López E, Bertolini M, Alam M, Chéret J, Westgate G, Rinaldi F, Marzani B, Paus R. Topical odorant application of the specific olfactory receptor OR2AT4 agonist, Sandalore® , improves telogen effluvium-associated parameters. J Cosmet Dermatol. 2021 Mar;20(3):784-791. doi: 10.1111/jocd.13608. Epub 2020 Jul 29. PMID: 32645251. [PubMed]

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