Non-Drying Pimple Cream For Maskne Treatment

Are you looking for non-drying pimple cream to help with maskne? Well, there are a few features you need to look out for in a pimple cream because maskne is not just regular acne. We speak to accredited Singapore dermatologist, Dr. Teo Wan Lin, on the importance of choosing a pimple cream with low irritation side effects when you are treating maskne.

Acne formation

First of all, acne affects genetically predisposed individuals and starts at puberty. Puberty is when there is a surge in hormones. The male hormone testosterone, stimulates sebum, or oil production. This creates the optimal environment for the formation of comedones, also known as whiteheads and blackheads. Many people confuse the differences between acne, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and cysts. According to Dr. Teo, the key here is to recognise that they are all forms of active acne.

Types of acne

Acne can present in a severe form known as nodulocystic acne, where most of the bumps on the face are large, red and inflamed. Acne in adults and teenagers can also present as a milder form with mainly whiteheads and blackheads. We grade the severity of acne on the following criteria. First, the number of active lesions. Second, the type of acne bumps. Let me illustrate this. If you have mainly whiteheads and blackheads, but you have more than 10 of them at any one point of time, this is moderate acne. If you have big, inflamed cysts and bumps, but have perhaps five to eight every month, this is also considered a form of moderate acne.

How do you know if a pimple cream is sufficient for your treatment?

Well, the truth is most people do not need to visit a dermatologist for treatment of their acne if it is mild or even for early moderate cases. These individuals with mild to moderate acne respond very well to creams. Even when your acne is more severe, and your dermatologist decides to start you on oral medications, a non-drying pimple cream is still a key part of your treatment.

“I want to highlight that the old ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, salicylic acid, are no longer favoured for the treatment of acne, especially maskne. This is because of the high irritation potential of these active ingredients. Topical antibiotics such as erythromycin and clindamycin, are antibiotic creams that have been used for the treatment of mild to moderate acne. The problem is that one often develops resistance to these creams, after a period of usage,” Dr. Teo. According to Dr. Teo, the important thing to examine is the anti-inflammatory potential of the active ingredient because acne is essentially driven by inflammation. Hence, a pimple cream with low irritation side effects is ideal. A non-drying pimple cream is one that can help your pimple heal faster and improve the chances of it healing without a scar.


Besides, a good pimple cream can also help to prevent the formation of new whiteheads and blackheads. It is important to note that before your acne appears on the surface of your skin, it is already growing under your skin for a period of at least two to four weeks. This is a process known as comedogenesis. Comedones are essentially bumps which are trapped under the surface of the skin. Individuals who suffer from acne have a lower rate of skin renewal around the hair follicles. This leads to follicular hyperkeratosis. In laypersons terms, this means that there is retention of the dead skin around the hair follicles. This causes the dirt, oil, sebum and dead skin to mix in an unhealthy skin environment which is prone to secondary bacterial infection.

Dermatologist-formulated non-drying pimple cream

The Blemish Spot Cream by Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals has the following properties which makes it an ideal anti-inflammatory non-drying pimple cream. Firstly, its active ingredient, chlorella vulgaris, is proven in cell studies to reduce the production of sebum. This is critical because sebum is key in the formation of acne bumps. This is the reason why taking isotretinoin causes your acne to disappear. Isotretinoin essentially enables your skin’s oil glands to stop functioning. The other active ingredient is argon oil. Argon oil is well known for reducing post-inflammation, erythema or post-inflammation hyperpigmentation. This is the problem with acne because it leaves scars, even if your acne bumps are not serious. They will always leave a mark, at least for the immediate period of recovery.

anti-inflammatory non-drying pimple cream

The Blemish Spot Cream is a power packed dermatologist anti-inflammatory non-drying pimple cream formulated using bioactive plant extracts to quickly reduce and inhibit spot inflammation.

What makes a good pimple cream?

A good pimple cream should be able to shorten the recovery process. Lightening your scars is much easier in the early phase of wound healing, rather than later. For people with deeper acne scars, for example, the boxcar type of scars. It is usually over a period of time that the inflammation is not controlled, causing this to happen. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that pimple creams must be used in two ways. So, the first method is actually as spot treatment. This means that you apply the pimple cream over where you have your acne bump, and the recommendation of how often you apply it is based on its irritation side effect. This is the importance of a non-drying pimple cream.

The Blemish Spot Cream is an ideal non-drying pimple cream, which we should apply five to six times a day over active pimples liberally, because this enhances the absorption over the active pimple and reduces the chance of it turning into an inflamed cyst. The second method of using the pimple cream is to apply it over the entire pimple prone area. This is to prevent the development of new pimples. Many of you may frustrate with the fact that once your pimple resolves, another one comes up. The reason for this is the underlying inflammation.


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Application of anti-inflammatory non-drying pimple cream

The process of whitehead and blackhead formation takes a minimum of two weeks, so your pimple actually didn’t appear overnight. A good pimple cream, such as the Blemish Spot Cream can be used over a large surface area. The acne prone areas are usually the T-zone, covering the forehead, the nose and the chin area in people with combination skin. For oily skin, you can apply the Blemish Spot Cream over the entire face, other than the eye area. This is important because traditional active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide causes irritant contact dermatitis and cannot be used in this way for individuals with dry or combination skin. Also, it tends to bleach fabrics, a real problem when we are treating maskne.

Pimple patch treatment


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Finally, it is important for you to consider using a pimple patch. The Hydrocolloid Patch is a useful and very effective accompanying treatment. It creates an ideal microenvironment for your pimple to heal. How does it work? It draws up the sebum, oil, dirt and dead material to the surface of your skin. This helps to treat blind pimples, with no hit. Use together with the Blemish Spot Cream. This results in quick improvement of your pimples.

Anti-inflammatory non-drying acne patch

The Hydrocolloid Blemish Vanish Patch helps to reduce scarring, increases absorption, and provides a moist wound healing environment for quick healing of inflamed acne. It it also suitable for treatment of maskne as it prevents touching, provides a moist wound-healing environment, and forms a protective barrier to prevent irritation from the mask.

It is important if these measures do not work for you, that you seek treatment from an accredited dermatologist. Dr. Teo Wan Lin practises at TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre. The centre provides teleconsultations for treatment of acne, with complimentary delivery of medications to your doorstep within 2 to 3 days. You may also consider the Dr. TWL Skincare Pharmacy service, which does not require a consultation for the trial of using active cosmeceutical ingredients for the treatment of acne.

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