Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush Straightener

The Best Anti-Static, Anti-Frizz, Straightening Hair Brush


A novel hair brush straightener by Dr TWL Biomaterials with DR.TWL™ SILK Fibres to smoothen and seal the cuticle instantly, removes static electricity and eliminates frizz.

The best way to eliminate frizz and unruly flyaway hairs without heat or chemical treatmentNo more hair sprays or gels. SILK BRUSH bristles infuse deeply nourishing kerato-mimetic micronutrients¹ that mimic the natural cuticle seal.

Discover the science of beautiful hair here.

“The hair cuticle is designed to protect and seal hair. The latest dermatology research shows that it has a hidden rod-matrix structure that doesn’t just protect hair, but also regulates moisture levels and the strength of hair fibres—intelligently interacting with the environment. The DR.TWL™ SILK BRUSH prototype comb builds on our expertise in materials engineering to treat the cuticle with advanced biomaterials.” — Dr. Teo Wan Lin, Dermatologist & Chief Scientific Officer of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals.

¹Keratin/collagen source derived from marine by-products. Suitable for pescatarians.

$90.00 SGD


[360 Intensive Cuticle Repair] DR.TWL™ SILK FIBRES
[NANOPOLYMER BRISTLES] Microencapsulated Essence


Use as an everyday hair treatment brush straightener for instant high gloss, smoothening and styling effects