Multi-Functional Quick Dry Paddle Brush-Detangle, Brush, Blow Dry


Cuts down blow drying time by 70%! Less heat less damage. Adds volume and also massages the scalp for optimal blood circulation for hair regrowth.

Bamboo Paddle Brush
Suitable for Sensitive Scalp, Fine/Damaged Hair, Hair Loss
Detangling Comb (Wet/Dry Hair/Blow Dry)
Finest Handmade Quality

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$20.00 SGD


[Gentle, Pain-free Detangling] Flexible Cushioning
[Cuticle Smoothening] Anti-Static Bamboo Bristle
[Oil Treated Bristles] Natural Anti-Microbial, Anti-inflammatory
[360° Hand-Polished Bamboo Bristles] Flexible, Scalp Massage


100% bamboo bristles & sustainably harvested natural Schima wood. Durable vegan leather backing.

Comb marking is printed with 100% plant-based ink that is environmentally friendly, and is expected to fade with repeated use – does not affect product quality.

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Use with LipiShine Cuticle Protector or your favourite hair serum

Regular use of this wood comb on both wet and dry hair will promote:
[Healthy Hair Cuticle] Reduce static, frizz, breakaway hair resulting in smooth, shiny hair.
[Healthy Scalp] Redistributes scalp oils (sebum) to hair shaft, encouraging homeostasis and balance.

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