Hot Oil Treatment – Phytolipids Hair Repair Series LipiShine™ Serum Intensive Hair Treatment

The Dr.TWL Hair Mask Bar System is developed with a focus on environmentally conscious, science-backed botanical ingredients for a deep-conditioning home hair spa treatment. Our haircare formulation delivers salon-results, without the toxic chemical runoff associated with the traditional haircare industry.



Restores Hair Shine, UV-protective

[Hot Oil Treatment] Use with CutisCool™ Biological Gel Hair Cap 

Style: 1-2 drops is sufficient for shoulder-length hair. Applied to ends and areas of frizz. 

Our hair serums are formulated both as leave-on conditioning serums and monthly hot oil treatments. 

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Oleic acid [Cuticle Softener]
Linoleic acid [Smoothener]
Purified seed oil of ethanolic extract of Carthamus tinctorius

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LipiShine™ Serum has unique physicochemical properties that coat and penetrate hair cuticles to repair UV/chemical induced damage. Use daily to increase shine and smoothness.

Chemical Preservative-Free, Paraben Free
Dermatologist Approved

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Apply 5-10 drops and run fingers through hair to distribute oil evenly. Alternate use with LipiSilk™ Serum  for optimal effects.

[Hot Oil Treatment]

Use with CutisCool™ Biological Gel Hair Cap

STEP 1: After washing off the Hair Thickening Mask, apply LipiGro™ Serum on scalp, LipiShine™ Serum and LipiSilk™ Serum on hair shaft.

STEP 2: Heat hair cap with the Bimodal Mask Bar. For best results, wear a disposable shower cap underneath. Wear for 15-20 minutes while enjoying a cup of tea. Rinse off thoroughly with cool water.

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