Invigorating 2-in-1 Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp/Hair Loss


Dr.TWL™ Spa Collection

A Total Scalp Cleanse & Mask Treatment with Honey Infused Applicator 


Invigorating scalp treatment to stabilises the scalp microbiome. Formulated for those with sensitive/oily/problem scalp. Suitable as a regular scalp treatment and mask for anti-aging, sebum/oil regulation and antioxidant care. Comes with a shampoo applicator/brush infused with natural honey for a thorough scalp relaxing treatment. 

Refreshing deep scalp cleansing and treatment in humid climates.



Zinc Pyrithone [Anti-Fungal][Microbiome-stabilising]

11 Amino Acids [Antioxidant]

Menthol [Invigorating][Odour Control]

Pyridoxine/Vitamin B6 [Scalp Nourishment]

Copper Tripeptide [Hair Regrowth][Anti-Aging]

Saline [Anti-Inflammatory]

Camphor [Anti-Inflammatory][Calming]

The Honey Infused Mask Applicator is included for the complete spa experience.


A deep cleansing, scalp soothing shampoo for total scalp treatment and mask experience. Inspired by the relaxing ocean environment. Infused with antioxidant amino acids for revitalising aging scalps. Vitamin B6 strengthens the hair shaft and creates a beneficial scalp micro environment for healthy hair growth. Soothing menthol and sodium chloride solution stabilises sensitive, itchy scalp. 


Cleanse, Relieve and Restore Your Scalp

Dispense the required amount and work into a rich lather on damp hair/scalp. This product lathers excellently. Start and focus at the scalp,  and distribute evenly with Honey Applicator. Work to the ends for strengthening the hair ends while detangling hair. Apply Hair Thickening Mask or your choice conditioner to hair shaft. 

For intensive itchy/sensitive/oily scalp relief:

Leave on for 5-7 minutes 

For daily use:

Leave on for 1-2 minutes.

Ideal application with Honey Scalp Mask Applicator

For optimal treatment for oily scalp/dandruff, we recommend alternating use with the Degreasing Shampoo.


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