Oil-Infused Cuticle Conditioning Comb

This is a custom compounded order that takes approximately 3 working days to be prepared.


Adaptogenic Cuticle Repair to Counter Environmental Damage
For All Hair Types Including Chemically  Damaged, Thinning, Aging Hair

Fine Wooden Combs: Unlock Silky, Smooth, Soft, Luxurious Hair

”Hair oils have the potential to enhance physicochemical properties of hair -restoring the cuticle to a protected, healthy state. This reduces breakage, dullness and frizz,”
Dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin

Pre-treated wooden comb infused with proprietary botanical oil mix to simulate the natural protective cuticle of healthy hair. Repair the cuticle to improve hair strength and resilience to environmental damage. Based on pioneering research into adaptogenic properties of specific botanical oils, the fine wooden comb series is a novel hair cuticle treatment method to improve strength, elasticity, shine and smoothness of hair. 

A Proprietary Mix of 7 Adaptogenic Actives

Formulated as a high linoleic acid, vitamin E and antioxidant properties in a carrier oil that seals cuticle moisture. Fortified with vitamins A, B, D, squalene, oleic, palmitic, and linolenic acids as the ideal hair oil conditioner to restore healthy physicochemical properties of the hair shaft.

Shine, Smoothness, Softness & Strength

[Flaxseed][Evening Primrose]

[Grape Seed][Sweet almond]

[Sunflower][Soybean] [Wheat Germ]

Elixir Hair Strengthening Capsule

[Yuzu Oil][Ceramide 3][Vitamin E]


A 360 Daily Cuticle Treatment with Nourishing Hair Oils
Enabling Hair to Adapt Better to the Environment

This applicator is infused with conditioning oil actives 100% derived from pure botanical extracts. Designed as an easy daily applicator to smoothen and treat the cuticle simultaneously. Ideal biochemistry mimics the natural healthy cuticle state, enabling the hair shaft to resist environmental damage. Aging, heat styling, chemical damage contribute to hair fragility and breakage. The cuticle comb mimics the natural protective layer of the hair shaft to enhance protection against UV-damage, pollution and free radicals. 


Use pre-treated comb on clean dry hair once a week at least. Use with Elixir capsule per treatment. Pinch to release essence onto palm. Run through hair shaft evenly. Comb through with treatment comb. Follow with heat-free styling brush for best results. Store after each use in pouch provided. The pouch utilises dry disinfection technology designed to preserve the oil infusion optimally for 6 months. Comb should not be washed. Launder pouch only if soiled.