Best glass hair products for minimalist home hair treatments that work 

How to Get Glass Hair

The best glass hair products target the hair shaft—repairing it from the inside out and also by applying a lightweight conditioner that penetrates deeply.

It isn’t hard to imagine why the glass hair before and after treatment hacks on TikTok wowed even the skeptics amongst us. Glossy, smooth, frizz free—isn’t that every girl’s dream hair?

We’ll be covering the top 3 products from our pharmacy that will give your luscious locks that added boost. Plus all the science you need to know from a board-certified dermatologist. 

The Dr.TWL Glass Hair Protocol

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First, some common FAQ. 

What is glass hair?

The TikTok before and after glass hair treatment posts that got our attention features hair so shiny—it literally GLOWS. Think of it like the hair equivalent of glass skin, but up the voltage please. The kind of dream hair that one usually expects after a salon treatment. Except these DIY at home hair hacks promise the same results with as little as just 3 products. Hair color and the style of he hair cut also plays a role in this optical illusion. According to the L’Oréal’ Professional site, a high shine translucent color service plus a symmetrical bob type hair cut can contribute to the appearance of glass hair. 

Dr.TWL Glass Hair Set

We’ve put together the best glass hair products from our pharmacy in this guide. Get ready to get your dream hair in just 3 simple steps!

Is glass hair good for your hair?

Well, health, virgin hair may not look super glossy, but nevertheless the hair shaft retains properties of strong, elastic and thick hair—critical for healthy hair. Glass hair, on the other hand, may not always be healthy. Especially if chemical or heat treatments were applied to achieve such an effect, as is the case with salon treatments. The reason is that the hair shaft really is dead material known as keratin, which can be manipulated to achieve an improved appearance. This however, tends to be temporary, as the treatments themselves break bonds between and within the hair shaft, causing hair fragility in the medium to long term. 

Glass Hair Products for All Hair Types

 There is another way to get glass hair, and that is the focus of many of these before and after TikTok glass hair treatments. The secret really, seems to be in the hair conditioner that’s applied and the use of a method that increases absorption. For example, cling wrap which has an occlusive effect. 

Here at the pharmacy, we’ve designed the ultimate 3-step minimalist glass hair treatment. This is using dermatologist formulated products which we promise you will love.

Heat Free Hair Styling

Step 1 Choosing the Right Glass Hair Shampoo

The science of super shiny glass hair 

First and foremost, you’ll need clean hair. That sounds simple enough, but high shine is really a result of optics—light interacting with a dead material, keratin. This is why we’ll begin with shampoo. 

If you have a greasy scalp and dry ends, the best thing you can do is to invest in a medicated shampoo that can help normalise the scalp microenvironment. Excess scalp oiliness may be due to seborrheic dermatitis, a condition whereby a type of yeast known as malessezia furfur overgrows, causing scalp inflammation. That’s also the root cause of oily dandruff. Sebum is generally regarded as a natural scalp protectant and emollient. This means it helps to coat the hair shaft as an all natural hair conditioner.

Symptoms of dry fragile hair and an oily scalp point towards an imbalance. The 2-in-1 Hair Spa is the ideal medicated shampoo with actives such as zinc pyrithone that inhibits the growth of the yeast, putting a stop to the vicious cycle of seborrheic dermatitis—inflammation that worsens oily scalp symptoms. It also  contains menthol, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, besides instantly soothing symptoms of scalp sensitivity. The shampoo is formulated with moisturising amino acids. These directly repair the hair shaft to enhance shine and gloss without the use of silicones.

A 2-in-1 dermatologist formulated glass hair shampoo fortified with deep repair amino acids for light, airy, smooth and glossy hair. The important aspect of selecting the best glass hair products is in the choice of shampoo—the right shampoo is critical in delivering the high shine appearance associated with glossy hair. 

Step 2 The Best Hair Thickening Product That Coats Every Strand

Glass hair isn’t greasy with a weighed down appearance, it’s lightweight, airy well hydrated

How much hair conditioner do you really need? The truth is, a well formulated hair conditioner doesn’t require one to use a whole lot of it to achieve smoother, shinier hair. In fact, using silicone laden formulas excessively can cause hair to appear limp, flat—for those with oily scalp problems, this really makes it worse. Living in humid countries makes it all the more uncomfortable.

Discover the best glass hair products at our pharmacy. The Hair Thickening Mask is formulated with botanicals like wheat protein that naturally heals and seals the cuticle. Unlike traditional hair conditioners, it does not require a large amount, nor does it have to be adjusted to your hair length/thickness. As a highly concentrated natural protein based hair conditioner, it is simply activated with water and coats the hair shaft. You’ll only need a small amount no matter what your hair length is. Remember, the most important thing is to make sure your hair is completely wet when you apply the hair mask. The hair thickening mask is a conditioner that automatically creates a coating on the hair shaft when activated with water. The water molecules attract the hydrophilic (water-loving) part of the wheat proteins to form a smooth coating.

Glass Hair Home Salon Treatments

DO’S: Do use a gel cap to enhance absorption of your hair mask

The Cutis Cool Biological Gel Cap is a sustainable, reusable self-heating home hair treatment cap that harnesses natural body heat and ambient temperatures to generate a comfortable ideal temperature for a home spa. Unlike microwaveable caps, there’s no risk of scalds or accidents! Dr.TWL Pharmacy’s haircare range offers a delightful array of the best glass hair products that aren’t just quick and easy to use. They are also environmentally friendly without harmful chemical runoff. 

DON’TS: Don’t bother with disposable cling wrap

The cling wrap hack used for glass hair treatments on TikTok is environmentally unfriendly, sticky, hot and also can increase the chances of scalp irritation under occlusion. Cling wrap is not breathable and can suffocate the follicles, increasing the risk of pimples around the hairline and on the scalp. If you suffer from dandruff, the hot and humid environment created by the cling wrap can make your symptoms worse.  

The right technique of applying hair conditioner

The key here is to first detangle hair. If you are using the 2-in-1 Hair Spa shampoo, the amino acids play a key role in repairing the hair shaft. While you leave the shampoo on the scalp for the medicated actives to begin working, begin to detangle your hair with the wide toothed wooden comb that’s included in your kit. The resulting lightweight foam produced is a hair mask that deeply nourishes individual hair strands. This can be used on its own without an additional hair conditioner. For an intensive glass hair treatment, what you do next is to dispense a finger tip sized dollop of hair conditioner. Work through with the same wooden comb applicator.  Wear the Cutis Cool Gel Cap while enjoying a relaxing face mask. If you are short on time, 3 minutes is sufficient! Rinse off and blow dry or let dry naturally.

The secret to the best glass hair products—the ability to 

Step 3 Watch the Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush Work!

This is the final finishing touch that’s also as easy as—brushing your hair! No heat, no chemicals required. The bristles are individually imbued with essences. These nourish the hair shaft, with treated fibres neutralising all static discharge to physically seal and protect the hair cuticle. 

Chemical Free Hair Treatment

How long does the glass hair treatment last?

The best part about home-based glass hair treatments is that it builds on the principles of healthy hair. This is unlike salon treatments which may seem like a quick fix but involve harsh chemicals and heat therapy which increases hair fragility with time. I’d recommend implementing this 3-step protocol as the basis of a daily haircare regimen, or as often as you do shampoo. It takes no additional effort really…it’s as simple as shampoo, detangle and brush! Once you’ve established this routine, healthy, beautiful glass hair is yours to keep, every single day—without salon visits!