Interview with Andrea Claire

Society always tells us that makeup and beauty go together – from store shelves to magazine pages, the two terms are often lumped together side by side.

But veteran celebrity makeup artist Andrea Claire says the secret to being truly beautiful is to shine from the inside out.

With 27 years’ experience under her belt, the Singapore-based Canadian hair and makeup artist counts many high-end luxury brands among her clients. Despite the countless gorgeous faces and celebrities she’s come across in her line of work (think The Veronicas, Alanis Morisette, Georgina Wilson, Lady Antebellum and more), she firmly believes that beauty is much more than skin deep.

1) What do you enjoy the most about your job?
My career introduces me to many people of all backgrounds. I love meeting new people and learning about their experiences. The most satisfaction I get while working is not only having people feel good about themselves but just bonding with new people. I’m an extrovert and a friendly chatterbox 🙂

2) How did you come to know Dr Teo and how has your skincare routine changed?
Ren D’Vila, a photographer that I have worked with recommended that I meet Dr Teo and we hit it off right away. We are both passionate about our work and helping people to feel good. Honestly, my skincare routine hasn’t changed. As a beauty pro, skincare has always been a major part of my beauty arsenal, both professionally and personally.

3) What is your favourite product from Dr Teo’s dermaceutical range?
Hands-down the Miel Honey ™ cleanser. It has some magic in there. I noticed after my first use that my skin felt fresher and more radiant – and I have great skin, so that is truly impressive.

4) Can you share with us what the word “beautiful” means to you?
“Beauty” to me is not about aesthetics and never has been. Sure, I’m in what could arguably be a “superficial” industry, but beauty isn’t just about one’s appearance. My industry sets up visual aspirations, but to me, that is just advertising.

True beauty is what’s in the heart; how you treat people and live your life. People who have a ‘what’s in it for me’ motive are exhaustingly ugly.
Give me honest and kind – that’s beautiful.

5) In what ways do you see Dr Teo’s products changing the way women take care of themselves, and also the way they view the notion of “beauty”?
Dr TWL Dermaceuticals makes skincare easy. It’s for everyone. No need to have complicated beauty. A succinct range without any fuss. Women don’t have the time to fuss over vanity; that’s so 1955.

6) You see many different types of skin in your line of work. Can you share with us your top skincare or beauty tips?
– Start great skincare regimens before you see any signs of needing it;
– Get regular facials;
– Avoid too many layers of face powder makeup;
– Eat well;
– Wash your face morning and night;
– Wear sunscreen;
– Don’t pick at your blemishes;
– Consult with a dermatologist at least once a year for a skin check-up.

8) The butterfly has been chosen as a symbol for the Dr TWL range Papillon Society web magazine. What do you think of when you see butterflies?
To me, a butterfly is a symbol of grace and individuality.

Get more tips from celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert Andrea Claire on her website.

– Y. Lin
Photo by: David Leyes