Beauty Teatime Session 1.0 – Novel Use of Botulinum Toxin And Soft Launch of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals

Singapore, May 26, 2017 

On the afternoon of 19th May 2017, we were all treated to a lovely session of high tea and beauty with Singapore dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin at Dempsey house, amidst a setting of green and sky blue balloons, green and white carnations and deep pink roses.

The session kicked off with a talk by Dr. Teo on the latest use of botulinum toxin for non-surgical face lifting – a technique known as Dermolift, which has been popularised recently due to its natural face tightening and lifting effects. Attendees included beauty editors from various magazines. Dr. Teo also answered questions from beauty editors, one of which was regarding how patient requests for cosmetic procedures have evolved over the last decade. According to Dr. Teo, “10 years ago, many patients were still too conscious about the stigma of cosmetic work, and were also worried about the botched jobs which were all over Hollywood. Today, the techniques are far more refined and all non-surgical enhancements are natural in appearance. Above all, patients now are very educated and open, they often even enter the clinic asking for a specific procedure, although it is still my practice to assess the patient as a whole and I will still advise them according to what they really need as opposed to what they want.”

Guests were then treated to the IlluminaireTM facial analysis system, whereby they had their complexions analysed by a dermatologist-designed machine. The second half of the session involved Dr. Teo sharing her personal skincare tips – from how to apply face serums and eye creams to how to choose the right sunscreen.

In the second segment of the event, we were introduced to Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, a dermatologist-tested and formulated cosmeceutical label that is set to be a first on the homegrown beauty scene. Attendees each received a goodie bag containing 5 specially curated testers from the Transform-7-Day Recovery Kit, sponsored by Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals. These were packaged as spill proof syringes, which are perfect for travel.

During the exciting session on Friday with the press, the company also held an exclusive preview of its global launch video, a fencing-themed artistic collaboration with Olympic silver medalist Simon Senft and an international creative team. The video will be released along with Dr.TWL’s official press release in June. Precision, accuracy and excellence are themes portrayed, mirroring the brand’s philosophy of using the purest natural bioactive ingredients, with every molecule precisely delivering the result of an excellent skincare product.

This was followed by a question-and-answer segment on how to use the skincare products, as well as a live demonstration of the Dr.TWL 7-step skin ritual.

At the end of the session, we were prepped about an upcoming Instagram model search #drtwlface Butterfly Beauty campaign ( set to kickstart in June 2017, together with the official press release for Dr. TWL Dermaceuticals.

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