Heat-Free Hair Straightening Tools for Frizzy Hair

The market for hair straightening tools is a booming one. Everyone desires silky smooth straight hair, especially those living in Singapore. In this article, discover how heat treatments like excessive blow drying and hot hair irons damage the hair cuticle. We also present some alternatives for heat-free hair straightening and styling in our pharmacy. For those living in humid countries like Singapore, frizzy hair is a real issue. Many intuitively think the solution to frizzy hair is hair straightening. Is this true? We asked board certified dermatologist and chief scientific officer Dr. Teo Wan Lin, what science tells us about frizzy hair. Learn how our latest launch, the Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush, is the ideal heat-free hair straightening tool for frizzy hair to combat humidity in Singapore.

Pharmacy Pick for Best Heat-Free Hair Straightening Tools for Frizzy Hair 

1. Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush 

Heat-free Hair Straightening Silk Brush
Suitable for : Daily Grooming for All Hair Types including Straight, Wavy, Thin, Coarse Hair. No charging required.

This prototype launched in July 2022 features novel materials that focuses on healing the hair cuticle in response to humidity. For example, with the self-charging fibres embedded within the brush, hair frizz and static is instantly removed without any electricity or battery use. The science behind a heat-free hair straightening and styling tool lies in the ability to recreate an optimal microenvironment to tame frizzy unruly hair. The Silk Hair Brush is engineered with bristles that release microessences derived from marine sources – closely replicating the structure of the healthy hair cuticle. 

2. Hair Relaxing Treatment Brush Suitable for Thinning Hair, Hair Loss 

Heat-free Hair Straightening Relaxing Brush
Suitable for : Intensive Hair Relaxing Treatment for use with hair oils. Comes with AA batteries with replacement. 

Back when hair relaxing treatments were introduced in salons, little was known about how damaging these treatments could be. The science behind how hair relaxing treatments slowly revealed how harsh chemicals could not just straighten the hair but also cause hair loss due to breakage. In addition, these treatments were disastrous for those with thin fine hair. For those suffering from hair loss, and who still wanted to tame their frizzy hair, hair relaxing treatments made hair look exceptionally limp and lifeless. 

Today, this dermatologist-recommended hair relaxing treatment brush combines the best in heat-free hair straightening and styling as well as delivering actual benefits to the hair shaft. Using waveform technology, this heat-free hair straightening tool works wonders for those with thinning, aging hair. Rather than destroying hair bonds to remove frizz, the hair relaxing treatment brush works by treating the hair cuticle microenvironment. Cuticle dysfunction is the main problem causing frizzy hair in humid climates. Rather than using heat or chemical straightening methods, the 360 Hair Relaxing Treatment Brush utilises waveform energies to create the optimal cuticle microenvironment, removing frizz and static while volumising the hair shaft. 

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In this next part of the article, read on to discover the facts about hair straightening with our founder Singapore dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin. If you are struggling with frizzy hair or unruly hair, know that heat-free styling options are available at our pharmacy!

If I have curly hair, should I straighten it? Are there safe ways to do so?

Dermatologists recommend to embrace your natural hair type and texture. Focus instead on healthy hair instead of changing your natural hair quality. Fine hair will have different styling requirements from coarse hair. However, it is possible to work on thickening the hair shaft with correct hair treatments and conditioners. This is the recommendation over using any heat or chemical treatments either at home or in salons. One common concern for all hair types, curly straight fine or coarse hair is actually frizz and unruly hair. The key here is not that the hair shaft itself is unhealthy. Rather, there is cuticle dysfunction in a humid environment. Although damaged cuticles are more likely to act up, it can happen for those with healthy hair as well.

Heat-Free Hair Straightening & Styling for Beautiful Hair – Dermatologist’s Tips

For beautiful hair, the important step is to identify your hair type and to embrace it with correct styling tools. I personally use 4 different types of combs on a daily basis, one for each purpose. My hair type is straight and prone to frizz in Singapore’s humidity. It is also long, to the level of my mid back. I hence need a specific comb for my daily haircare needs.

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Firstly, detangling and applying my conditioner in the shower. For this, I use the Honey Massage Applicator. When my hair is wet out of the shower, I then use the gentle detangling bamboo comb to work through it while drying my hair with a microfibre absorbent towel. If I do need to dry my hair quickly, I follow with a hairdryer on cool to medium for no more than 3-5 minutes. Thereafter, I use the Silk Hair Brush which smooths the cuticle, and apply serum to coat the cuticle thereafter. For a more intensive detangling and hair straightening experience, I do use the 360 Hair Relaxing Treatment Brush.

I have naturally straight hair, but my main problem is frizz. Which product suits me?

The Silk Hair Brush works on both naturally wavy and straight hair, removing frizz while enhancing the natural shape and texture of hair. Embrace your hair texture- it will be far more unique than changing it. Singapore’s weather is a bane for all hair types though. The reason is because humidity does mess up the cuticle’s reaction to the environment. If you observed your hair looking great on the plane or overseas where the humidity is lower, this is the reason. Hence, the solution of using hot irons and chemical treatments to straighten hair will not be sustainable in the long run. In addition, heavy styling sprays and waxes are required to keep hair in place. This, apart from photoshoots, is impractical on a daily basis. 

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What is the optimal way to remove frizzy unruly hair without damaging the hair cuticle with heat styling?

While the hair brush does quickly fix unruly hair without heat or chemical styling products, I would advocate a complete hair care regimen, shampoo, conditioner and serum for truly resilient beautiful hair. 

Home Hair Mask Bar System
Heat-free hair styling must begin with building healthy hair. The CUTISCOOL Biological Gel Cap harnesses body and environmental heat to provide a gentle heating regimen to optimise absorption of the hair thickening mask. Personalise your hair mask with protein vials for the weekly ultra intensive treatment. 

How does heat styling work to straighten hair and remove frizz?

Heat styling is effective, it is just not sustainable. One of the key concerns about using hot irons is really the thermal damage to hair. Breakage is a well known cause of hair loss. If you suffer from thinning hair, this does not mean that you will need to live with unruly frizzy hair. The 360 Hair Relaxing Treatment Brush and the Silk Hair Brush are precisely designed for those who have thin hair yet require heat free styling to prevent further damage by hair breakage. 

Even if you do not suffer from hair loss, it is advisable to make the switch to heat-free hair straightening and styling because only healthy hair is truly beautiful!

Heat-Free Hair Styling

How about using hair sprays to remove frizz?

Hair sprays rank right at the bottom in my list of how to’s for removing frizz. These are bad for the environment, for those with allergies, and a nightmare to remove. Requiring copious shampooing after and certainly does not work well in Singapore’s humidity. They are however necessary for photoshoots that require every hair strand to be absolutely in-place for closeups. Daily hairsprays are a no for me though.

What causes frizzy hair?

Causes of Frizzy Hair

The popular belief is that it is caused by damaged hair. In fact the latest research demonstrates otherwise- humidity alone can cause frizzy hair in even healthy hair. The hair cuticle does behave in a complex way, reacting to the environment differently in many individuals. What we do know is that static electricity does play a huge role in causing frizz- and being able to neutralise that in humid weather improves the appearance of frizzy hair.

Heat-free hair straightening methods, does it work? 

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Expensive hair dryers and tools promise to straighten and beautify your locks- however at the end of the day these are all similar technologies. Using heat and a brush to shape the hair bonds – fixing with sprays after. However, the Silk Hair Brush and the Hair Relaxing Brush use vastly different new technologies without heating effects to harness the hair cuticle’s interaction with the environment in a beneficial way. In the same way cosmeceuticals enhance cell talk to improve skin, these heat-free straightening hair brushes harness beneficial interactions within the cuticle. 

How to maintain healthy beautiful and shiny hair in Singapore?

Natural Heat-Free Hair Straightening Brush

Hair grooming tools are instantaneous – so these help gratify us especially when hair is such an important aspect of grooming. However, the optimal hair care regimen starting from your shampoo that ensures scalp health, your conditioner that enables you to detangle and smoothen hair and finally your choice of hair brush for grooming. These fine details can make all the difference. 

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