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@drteowanlin Are you ready for a new era of self-care? You know… marketing— often lies. Your skin doesn’t. Here’s my promise to you: you will become your own skin expert—I’m here to guide you. The Skincare Masterclass Series By Dr.TWL®️ —a collection of members* only audio/video workshops is designed for all levels, aestheticians, skincare enthusiasts, those who want healthier, more beautiful skin—beginning from the inside. This episode is a sneak peak of what you can expect, get access to the entire archive of episodes (members only), complete with downloadable lecture notes when you sign up--it's FREE for now! *private course link emailed before 1 March 2023 for sign-ups. Limited seats available. Link in bio. #skincareroutine #dermatologist #skincare101 #learningisfun ♬ Vlog Video work Fashionable BGM(847726) - Tsuyoshi_san

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