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Skincare Masterclass Package-Basic $30*
Introductory dermatology masterclasses on the key concepts in dermatological science and common disorders such as rosacea, acne and eczema.

Skincare Masterclass Package-Premium $50*
This dermatology masterclass series consists of 5 complete online skincare masterclasses by accredited Singapore Dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin. It helps you navigate the science of a skincare routine and advise how to optimise your skin barrier function. You will learn about the diagnosis and treatment of common dermatological conditions such as rosacea, acne, sensitive/reactive skin and eczema. Class material includes video tutorials, transcripts and worksheets.

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Masterclass membership comes with complimentary Beauty Journal (choice of colour available on request)- whilst stocks last.

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How does the Skincare Masterclass Basic package work? 

Get a $30 voucher for our skincare products at, and access to MASTERCLASS 1 & 2, and a free Beauty Journal.

How does the Skincare Masterclass Premium package work? 

Get a $50 voucher for our skincare products at, and access to MASTERCLASS 1-5, and a free Beauty Journal.



MASTERCLASS 1: Concepts in dermatological science

0:12 Skin as a universal organ

1:10 Tolerability of Cosmeceuticals

1:54 Serums, Lotions, Creams or Ointments

4:58 The Science Behind Emulsions

MASTERCLASS 2: Skin disorders & cosmetic effects

0:12 Acne is a medical disorder that can be treated

1:37 Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma and solar lentigo

2:25 Skin sensitivity, reactivity & eczema

MASTERCLASS 3: Functional dermatology

0:30 The importance of vehicles in skincare formulation

1:21 A gender-neutral universal mask bar

2:25 Functional dermatology

3:16 The science behind microdermabrasion

MASTERCLASS 4: Skincare fundamentals – cleansing

0:14 Cleansing considerations for acne-prone, seborrheic skin

1:35 How cleansers work

2:43 Cleansing formulas and mechanical stress

MASTERCLASS 5: Masking better  

0:15 Plant polysaccharides for skin

1:04 Wet occlusion therapy

2:07 Textile cosmeceuticals and sustainability

3:33 Cosmeceuticals for glass skin

5:04 Polyglutamic acid


Skin Masters PRO Diploma Program

By the instructor of top ranked bestselling skincare courses on the world’s largest educational platform comes this all-new all-in-1 Skin Masters Program, just 1 subscription for lifetime access to latest advancements in cosmeceuticals & dermatology.

Course curriculum

  • Master the Dr.TWL Skin Physiotype Method for Fool-Proof Recommendations with dermatologist-designed cosmeceutical treatment protocols
  • Beyond the Basics: Anatomy and Physiology for Aestheticians
  • Essential Dermatology for Skin Experts
  • Skincare Decoded: The Customisation Formula For Success and Client Retention
  • Become an expert in non-prescription evidence based therapy
  • Holistic approach encompassing gut-skin-brain interventions
  • Advanced functional dermatology with plant-based and synthetic actives
  • Ethnopharmacology for skin experts Skin Expert Training Course: Tackling FAQs like a Pro
  • & More

About this course

  • Early bird registration $458 $258 
  • 10 Core On-Demand Video Modules; Beauty Bible Collection (17 Books & Counting)
  • Slides style delivery with detailed visuals, charts and bullet points; Dermatologist’s Treatment Notes-Protocols for Skin Concerns
  • Archival access to 5 introductory modules with over 12 hours of on-demand video and podcast courses accompanied by instant access digital workbooks

Join Skin Masters Academy, over 1,000 students and counting!

Follow a proven instruction syllabus used to train dermatology physician assistants and skincare professionals in-clinic. In this never-before PRO diploma series, Dr.TWL spills the beans on a a skincare expert’s secrets – complete with blueprints, protocols and cheat sheets in an all-in-1 study pack for serious learners.

The key advantages of the Skin Masters Pro Diploma Program

  • The only online skincare course delivered by a board-certified dermatologist, 7-figure beauty entrepreneur and chief scientific officer of leading Asian cosmeceutical brand
  • Learn skin science direct from an international microbiome expert, author of multiple published papers in top tier dermatology journals
  • Exclusive workshops on asian beauty, K-beauty, ethnopharmacology available no where else
  • One-time, life-long subscription that’s always up-to-date with the rapidly changing cosmetic landscape with quarterly bonus in-house Dermatology News and Cosmetics Update Workshop including market review, trends for skincare and beauty products
  • One-stop beauty and skincare education center with EUROISO22716 leading pharmaceutical engineering facility for aesthetician tools and OEM-ODM support for skincare professionals (priority access)


Why an online skincare course?

Concurrently, the accessibility of online education has transformed the way individuals acquire knowledge and skills, including in the field of skincare. Online skincare courses have emerged as a popular option for learners seeking to enhance their understanding of skincare science, product formulations, treatment modalities, and business aspects. In this essay, we will delve deep into the evolution, efficacy, challenges, and future prospects of online skincare courses, examining their impact on learners, professionals, and the skincare industry as a whole.

What is unique about the Skin Masters Pro Diploma Program? How is it different from other skincare courses

The methods of skincare education saw a marked shift with the advent of the digital age. Traditional dissemination via channels such as textbooks, apprenticeships, and classroom-based training programs have largely been replaced by digital methods like on-demand video, online community-based Q & A forums prioritising user convenience and accessibility. Unlike courses that are heavily reliant on traditional rote-learning I.e. memorisation of ingredient lists and facts without introducing real-world applications, the Skin Masters Pro Diploma Program is designed from a clinician’s perspective, where practical applications are prioritised.

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