What Lipstick Colour to Wear… Based on Your Skin Tone!

Lipstick and lip shades can truly make or break an entire look. It brings our whole makeup look together and offers a proper definition to the face. Did you also know that there are certain shades of lip colours— be it berry, pink, coral, reds or nudes that will flatter your skin tone?

You simply need to know what your skin tone is! Our philosophy here at Dr. TWL is achieving healthy and beautiful skin, in an evidence-based manner, as recommended by our dermatologist. This includes embracing your natural skin tone, instead of going for tanning beds or skin lightening procedures(intravenous vitamin C drips, bleaching creams containing steroids and hydroquinone, stem cell infusions…).

According to accredited dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin, “A common phenomenon for those who are born with a naturally fairer or paler skin tone is to want to have a tanner complexion to look healthier. Tanning beds are dangerous as it is directly increasing harmful UVA and UVB rays which cause various skin cancers including melanoma, non-melanoma skin cancers like squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma.

Colours that suit a fair complexion which gives a porcelain look more warmth include muted corals, light pink, orangey reds, nudes, bold plums, rich reds or peach colours.

For those thinking of bleaching their skin? Here’s some news for you. According to Dr. Teo, “Skin lightening procedures which are advertised in certain aesthetic services, such as intravenous vitamin C drips, bleaching creams containing steroids and hydroquinone, stem cell infusions… These are currently not approved treatments and are discouraged as both can increase the risk of skin cancer and other more serious health problems.

Do you have warmer skin tone that’s more towards yellow, olive or tan?  Warm tones are optimally paired with plums and berry shades. For a sultry sexy vibe, choose darker tones with hints of chocolate. For instant brightening up of the complexion, add vibrant colours such as raspberry and claret.

The classic red lipstick will never go wrong. To note that reds that are best suited for medium to darker skin tones will include orange or yellow.

Warmer Asian skin tones look amazing with a bold lip color. An orange shade of lipstick incorporated in corals, magentas and pinks is the way to go.

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