The Perfect Lip Shade for Your Lip Shape

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Lipstick is every woman’s best friend. The shade of your lipstick, even its finish, can truly make or break an entire look. It brings our whole makeup look together and offers a proper definition to the face. But lipsticks don’t come in a buy one fit all format.

We all have different lip shapes, some with pouty lips like Angelina Jolie while others have thin lip line. Whether you have thin, even, or fuller lips, makeup has the power to make them come to life and well accentuated. There are different lip shapes and each has its perfecting lip shade to bring out the best in each of one of us.

1.) Small Lips

Tips: Line your lips all the way around with a soft liner, and blend for a natural look. After applying the colour of choice, add highlight above cupid’s bow and in center of bottom lip to plump it up.

The perfect shades: Bright, shimmery, glossy shades. Softer hues have a tendency to brighten up entire face.

2.) Thin Lips

Tips: For thin lips, apply lip liner just around the outside of natural lip line before applying shade of choice.

The perfect shades: Shimmer and shine shades are going to be the way for this lip shape.

Pro tip: Use a darker shade on bottom lip and slightly lighter on upper lip and blend them together, you can create a look that will make your lips stand out from the crowd.

3.) Bottom Heavy Lips

Tips: Start by lining around your natural lip line, put a little emphasis on thin upper lip, then fill your lips with colour of choice.

The perfect shades: With the right application, almost any shade works with this lip shape.

4.) Full Lips

Tips: Line all the way around your lips to really make them pop. For a more subtle look, line slightly inside your natural lip line.

Pro Tip: To make lips look thinner, add little foundation to your pout or simply use a nude coloured shade.

The perfect shades: Any matte shade of your choice, and may add a layer of gloss for that perfect pouty lips.

5.) Flat Lips

Tips:  If you want to create more curves to your lips, apply lip liner around entire mouth and shape accordingly especially on the bow area.

The perfect shades: It is best to use light and softer lip colours as dark shades will make lips appear flat and small.

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