Skincare for Sensitive Skin During Travels - The skin perils of travel: Caring for your skin while on holiday

It is a 14 hours long flight for me from Singapore to London, 9 am on a lazy and warm Monday morning. Having discovered that I had the whole row to myself, I eased into setting up my very own skin care station. Long haul flights and their infamous dry oscillating “aeroplane air” are often the bane to every skincare enthusiast’s existence.

Facial Mists For Sensitive Skin: Do you really need it?

At some point, you must have chanced upon the row of facial mists displayed at your most frequented drugstore. With refreshing ingredients of aloe or thermal spring water promising you hydration on-the-go, your hands may have itched to place it in your basket, paused only by your wondering: “Do I really need this?”

Best Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, Dermatologist Formulated

Introducing the first basic step that you’d have to take- Le Lait™ Cleansing Milk. This is an essential step not to be missed, to ensure your skin fully absorbs all the subsequent applications.

A Dermatologist-Approved Moisturizer That Does It All For You

Think about your skincare routine and the number of products you slather on your face in hopes of a miracle. You can’t seem to remove any from your regime because each product has a claim – for dull skin, to reduce hyperpigmentation, provide hydration, and so on.

A Sensitive Skin Cleanser for all Ages

We often hear people complaining about having sensitive skin. But what does it actually mean to have sensitive skin? According to Dr Teo, an accredited dermatologist from TWL Skin and Laser Specialist Centre, sensitive skin is a skin condition that is medically diagnosed as eczema, where the skin flares-up due to environmental, cosmetic and skincare triggers.

What To Do With Sensitive Skin?

A significant proportion of people have consistently experienced the effects of sensitive skin—in fact, according to a British report released in 2001, self-reported skin sensitivity was reported by 51% of women and 38% of men.