The Most Comfortable Wireless Bra for Sensitive Skin

I’m sure every woman who’s reading this has their preferred brand of undergarments. While we may own many bras, there will always be the few we go back to, because they’re just comfortable. On the flip side, every woman knows that nothing can ruin your day more quickly than an uncomfortable bra. Especially one that irritates and is not suitable for sensitive skin.

In this article, accredited dermatologist, Dr. Teo Wan Lin will go through some of the conditions that may affect the skin around your breast area, and the causes, as well as a comfortable wireless bra for sensitive skin, to wear to reduce the risk of developing skin irritation. 

For women, breasts are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Therefore, we should ensure that whatever is in contact with them, especially for long periods of time, is safe and comfortable. Avoid ill-fitting bras and those made with materials that will irritate the breasts. Comfortable wireless bras are also recommended. 

Conditions that may affect the skin around your breast

The area under the breast and near the axilla are sensitive areas because the skin there is thinner. If you have large breasts, what can happen is the humidity levels under the area may increase. Together with living in a humid climate, all that may increase the chances of developing yeast infections known as Candida. We have a term for that, known as Candida intertrigo. It typically presents as red patches, with what we call satellite papules – little red bumps surrounding the main patch. It also tends to be moist-looking. The key thing is that it does not get better by itself. 

This is in direct contrast to individuals who probably have a bit of cutting into their skin from wearing bras with stiff underwires which are ill-fitting. Is it important to have a comfortable bra? The answer is absolutely. For the health of your skin particularly, we advise against underwire bras, because the pressure on your skin and on your ribcage, especially if you have larger breasts, will eventually lead to some form of skin abrasions. In the long term, these skin abrasions can turn into pigmentation. 

The best bra for sensitive skin 

Stick-on bra for sensitive skin

The Qraser Second Skin Push-up Invisible Bra minimises trans-epidermal water loss, with zero irritation for sensitive skin. It is a comfortable wireless bra that protects your skin from chafing and marks, with advanced polymer coating for skin tightening and anti-wrinkle benefits.

What I have been using, and I also recommend for individuals with such problems, are the use of comfortable wireless bras, or stick-on bras. This is a material synthesized from the same polymer that we use for our Qraser patches. The polymer itself has an adhesive side, which depending on how well you look after it, can last for several months. The other side is the side that protects your skin from the clothing that you’re wearing. It also has a very gentle clip at the center. Every woman has different inter-nipple differences. Individuals with wider rib cages may find that traditional bras don’t fit them very well. 

The great thing about these cups is that they are meant to be placed directly over the breast area. It is beneficial for your skin, because the polymer actively draws water out from the deeper layers of the skin – the dermis, to the topmost layer. It also creates a microenvironment that inhibits bacterial growth, and helps to increase the hydration level of your skin. 

The breast area is a commonly neglected area. To take care of the skin of the breast area, we first have to start with wearing the right kind of undergarments. 


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