Facial Mists For Sensitive Skin – Do you really need it?

How Facial Mists Can Rebalance Skin

At some point, you must have chanced upon the row of facial mists displayed at your most frequented drugstore. With refreshing ingredients of aloe or thermal spring water promising you hydration on-the-go, tempting the shopper—you might have found yourself wondering “Do you really need this?”

Our answer? Yes, but only if it has the right ingredients. A facial mist is most beneficial if you are often in dry-air environments, particularly air-conditioned rooms.

How Environment Affects the Skin Barrier
How Humidity Affects the Skin Barrier

Environments with dry air

The dry air in air-conditioned rooms can impact the health and feel of your skin. It may exacerbate skin diseases such as eczema (atopic dermatitis). It can also cause skin to feel rough.

While adding a room humidifier may help relieve some environmental dryness, it can also bring inconvenience. On days that are a tad too humid, the humidifier can cause condensation on windows and walls which can lead to mold over time. Not taking good care of your humidifier can also create a breeding ground for bacteria.

Facial mists offer an easier and more effective solution.

How the Sun Affects the Skin Barrier

How do facial mists work?

Facial mists protect the skin from dryness without increasing humidity in the air. In a single spray (or more), water nanodroplets ranging from 20 to 70 nm are delivered to the skin without increasing the amount of water vapor in the room.

A facial mist can improve transepidermal water loss (TEWL) values. TEWL is the amount of water that evaporates from the surface of the stratum corneum and is dependent on the water content of skin and ambient vapor (amount of water vapor in the atmosphere).

Skin Barrier & Transepidermal Water Loss

Our skin’s source of water comes from the deeper layers of the skin.  When the skin is initially exposed to a dry environment, our skin reacts by delivering more water to the skin surface. The surge of water supply eventually plateaus (given there is only so much that the deeper skin layers can delivery), and this ultimately leads to dry skin.

A facial mist delivers water content to the skin surface to preserve hydration levels. While some of the facial mist will be lost to the surroundings, it still helps to keep the skin moisturized.

A mist also enhances skin viscoelasticity by softening the skin layer and maintaining skin moisturization. You can expect greater elasticity or resilience with frequent spritzing of your favourite mist.

Mineral Booster Facial Mists

Dermatologist-formulated facial mists

A facial mist formulated by a dermatologist can maximize the benefits a facial mist can provide your skin.

Dr. TWL’s Mineral Booster™ includes purified deep-sea water harvested from 600 meters below sea depth. Extracted with a single column pipe to preserve purity, this ingredient is sourced from a quiet seaside town free from pollution.

Mineral-rich sea water is beneficial in calming sensitive, irritated skin. Typical minerals found in deep sea water are magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc and vanadium. Patients with eczema, or atopic dermatitis, observe better skin health when treated with deep sea water.

Mineral Booster™ can be used at any time of the day. Prep the skin before makeup with a spritz. Spritz to set or enhance makeup once applied. Spritz after lunch at your desk to give your skin a boost. At night, spray some on after the last step of your skincare routine for total skin repair while you sleep.

Last Updated on January 27, 2024

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