The skin perils of travel: Caring for your skin while on holiday

It is a 14 hours long flight for me from Singapore to London, 9 am on a lazy and warm Monday morning. Having discovered that I had the whole row to myself, I eased into setting up my very own skin care station.

Long haul flights and their infamous dry oscillating “aeroplane air” are often the bane to every skincare enthusiast’s existence. While I’m no expert in all things skin or beauty, and maybe that explains why I quite enjoy the calming routine of caring for my skin while flying high up into the sky.

Here are some of my tips to combat the aeroplane air and keep your skin looking plump and hydrated while you travel!

Tip number 1 – Pick the aisle seat and drink up!

Whether you like it or not, your skin requires moisture to glow, so downing bottles of H20 are vital in keeping it looking fresh and plump. An estimate I go by is drinking 3 litres for a 14 hours flight. I believe in tackling the hydration issue inside out. After all, beauty starts from within. Make it a point to plan ahead and secure an aisle seat for your flight and drink up without worrying about getting past your sleeping neighbours for frequent toilet trips you’ll be making. Your skin will thank you later.

Tip number 2 – Sanitize and keep your hands to yourself

Just because you can’t see the germs doesn’t mean it is clean. Always carrying a mini sanitizer or a moist antibacterial towelette with you and avoid touching your face with your hands as much as you can. I carry with me an antibacterial hand gel that doubles up as stress relieving scent whenever the plane experiences any turbulence or when they tell me they ran out of ice cream.

Tip number 3 – Choose products that do not require the sink

Three words – hydrating facial mists. The perfect prep, fuss-free, spritz and reap the benefits. What more can I say?

But not all facial mists are equally effective, Dr TWL’s Mineral Booster™ contains purified deep sea water, amino acids and potent plant root extracts which helps with skin healing and repairing benefits as well as UV protection. The Mineral Booster™’s multitasking abilities are well appreciated when travelling on the go. It helps to set your make up, refreshes your skin and even elevates the effectiveness of other skincare products applied under it.

Tip number 4 – Use sunscreen regardless

Even when you are not sitting directly under the sun, UV radiation and rays could reach you causing irreversible sun damage to your skin. I found that the easiest and most foolproof way to protect your skin is to shield the skin from the sun, repair the skin as much as possible while brightening the skin.

Dr TWL’s SunProtector™ does just that – Shield + Repair + Brighten with an SPF 50/PA++ to boot. It is lightweight on the skin, almost invisible under makeup and designed specifically for humid climates. Take 30 seconds to apply it all over your face and worry less about premature skin ageing and sun damage.

Tip Number 5 – Do not scare your flight attendant

The last thing you want to do on a full flight is to scare your flight attendant with a white sheet mask over your face as she tries to serve you your dinner. Instead, opt for leave on gel masques and serums that would help drive moisture deep just as well.

I always go for Dr. TWL’s Amino Acid 360º Masque that I apply using a clean foundation brush. This cult product is the go-to for post-dermatological skincare services such as laser and chemical peel treatments. It contains Vitamin C to help soothe inflamed acne and to lighten pigmentation scars. It intensive, concentrated and provides deep replenishment to stimulate collagen regeneration. This product has always been my answer to a well-rested and fresh complexion.

With all these tips, it is possible that even with 14 hours without a shower, you can waltz out of the carpeted walkways of the Air Boeing with even better skin than before.

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