Mask Peel Discovery Set

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Discover our personalised cosmeceutical skincare line specialising in retinol/retinoid free botanical based skincare created for sensitive skin.

The mask bar system was created by Dr Teo Wan Lin, board certified dermatologist and author of published papers on the skin microbiome. Discover our polysaccharide technology which repairs the skin barrier inside out. It is a novel powder to gel formula that is 100% preservative free, with pure botanical actives only that target pigmentation, acne and sensitive skin, that treats skin while respecting the skin barrier.

We believe in sampling, because your skin tells the truth. If you are new to our skincare, book a strategy session now with our pharmacy and receive a complete 7-Day skincare discovery sampling set including:

•Skincare set with 5 of our star products
•3 x5ml Mask peel samplers (customised to your skin concern)
Polysaccharide Mask

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A Bioactive Mask Peel for Skin Resilience

[Aquaporin Upregulation] Intensive Barrier Repair
[Adaptogenic Properties] Resilience
[Anti-inflammatory] Calms Redness & Sensitivity

A Maintenance Mask Peel for Acne, Oily-Dehydrated Skin, Inflamed Oily Skin


[1] Sebum Regulation
[2] Soothes inflamed acne bumps
[3] Anti-Inflammatory

A Clarifying Mask Peel for Pigmentation Spots, Aging, Dull Skin, Uneven Skin Tone

[1] Blocks Melanin Production
[2] Increase Pigment Removal
[3] Skin Tone Evening

Microbiome Balancing Jelly Exfoliant for Instant Radiance

[Ultra-Hydrating] Polysaccharides

[Microbiome] Bacterial Ferment

[Exfoliation] Skin Cell Renewal